4 strategies to help you stay motivated at work

Part of avoiding burnout at work is taking time for yourself (i.e. the three day weekend coming up for Labor Day) but it can be difficult to stay motivated when you know that a break is right around the corner. Sometimes we all need a little help to stay motivated at work so I’m sharing some tips to help you keep your motivation levels high when you need a little extra push. If you’re looking to take this a step further, here are some ideas to help you refresh your work routine when things start to feel stale.

Plan ahead and make yourself a checklist

One of the best motivators is being able to check something off your list. Every type-A person knows how good this feels, and this small accomplishment can help you stay motivated at work. Creating a checklist of everything that needs to get done creates accountability, and also gives you a list of small successes which you can check off one at a time.

Instead of creating one looming requirement, break it up into more accessible goals. For instance, if you need to create a report, perhaps break it up into 3 parts: 1) Gather data for report, 2) Create intro, and 3) Plug in data and write the body of the report.

Treat yourself for accomplishing tasks/goals

Did you get through a good chunk of your tasks for the day before lunch? Go out and treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee or something sweet. Allowing yourself to indulge a bit will give you a break from office stress and help clear your head, which will help you come back feeling refreshed and ready to work.

A recent study shows that employees who take short, frequent breaks during the workday have more stamina. It’s much harder to work for a long period of time than to give your body and mind a quick break. Something as simple as taking a walk around the office or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea will give you time to recharge.

Set a time to officially check out of work

You have to work during the day but give yourself a deadline when you have to stop. Leaving work at work and enjoying time for yourself will make a huge difference in your motivation and productivity. By giving yourself a deadline, you will force yourself to differentiate between work and free time.

Think of it like this, if you work hard and get everything done before your deadline, you have less to think about during your time off and you can truly enjoy time with friends and family.

This idea was reinforced by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg as she recalls her days in law school, “I went to class at 8:30 am, and I came home at 4:00 pm; that was children’s hour. It was a total break in my day, and children’s hour lasted until Jane went to sleep. Then I was happy to go back to the books, so I felt each part of my life made me rested from the other.”

Remember that once you’re done, you can leave work at work

The best way to stay motivated at work is to remember that you have to work now, but once you’re done with your required tasks, you’re done. You can leave work at work and enjoy the evening. Focusing on the work at hand to ensure you have a work-free night can help you complete your tasks and help you reach the finish line. Good luck!

Michele Lando is a certified professional resume writer, personal branding expert, and founder of Write Styles. She has a passion for helping others present the best version of themselves both on paper and in person, and works to polish individuals’ application package and personal style. Aiming to help create a perfect personal branding package, Write Styles provides resources to enhance your resume, professional appearance, and boost your confidence. Michele strives to help others gain the confidence to put their best foot forward in a personal and professional light.

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