4 reasons September is a great time to re-boot your job search

The relaxed days of summer are winding down and employers are shifting from a summer mentality to a more business-focused outlook, experts say. Vacations are finishing and September is an ideal month to re-boot your job search.

Here are the reasons to update your resume, polish your social media networking presence and put renewed energy in your job search in September.

More opportunities after a summer slowdown

During the summer, there are typically more people on vacation, including HR managers and recruiters so this creates less hiring opportunities. “No matter where you live, summer is generally a slow-moving time when it comes to finding a new job,” says Logan Allec, a CPA, and owner of Money Done Right, a personal finance site.

Allec says hiring generally occurs in waves– and September is a time when you’ll see a rise in the career wave. “Hiring managers are back from vacation and everyone is in the mindset of ending the year on a high note,” Allec adds. “This can mean more job opportunities for you – so take advantage of it.”

Hiring managers are looking ahead

Generally, companies have monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals, depending on the industry and other factors.

“In September, many companies are looking ahead to the next year to determine what they need to focus on and what new hires they need to get these things done,” Allec continues. “September is a great time to re-boot your job search because companies will want new hires in the door, trained and ready to hit the ground running when January comes around.”

The holidays are on the horizon

The fourth quarter of the year is when business ramps up efforts to end its year strong.

“September through December is the time of year that’s chock full of exciting holidays. Of course, this means more people will be out of the office– which can be great for job-seekers,” Allec points out. “This is especially true for those looking for temporary roles.” Plus, the holiday season can be a great time for new hires to learn the ins and outs of a company without feeling overwhelmed by a busy office filled with new faces, Allec says.

Polish your resume and refresh your professional profile

Be ready for the busy hiring season. Beyond updating your resume with your most recent job and achievements, now is the time to start boosting your LinkedIn profile with recommendations and new connections.

“Focus on growing your network before you need it for a referral,” advises Steph Cartwright, a professional resume writer and founder of Off The Clock Resumes. “You can also use LinkedIn to research the companies you’d love to work for and connect with their employees.”