4 keys to end your earrings once and for all

It is easy to fall into the procrastination of activities that we do not like to do or that simply make us lazy. There is no shame in it, we have all been there, especially when we have our own business and it is our duty to make sure that everything works and that predetermined deadlines and tasks are met.

Procrastination is, in fact, one of the biggest evils and risks for entrepreneurs, and this can be generated in part due to the lack of a habit that helps us to establish work times and in general to poor organization and constant distractions.

On the other hand, in the essay Blindness Schlep from the Hackers and Painters series, Paul Graham points out that the most dangerous thing about these activities is that we often overlook them, since we develop mental mechanisms to avoid seeing what could cause us a certain degree of distress. discomfort.

However, there are some tricks that can be useful to have a more bearable day when you finally decide to solve all those pending issues.

Divide your time

Better than having to do all the tasks that you don’t love (and therefore procrastinate) in a single work session is learning to divide them up with other more enjoyable tasks, so that at the end of the day or month you don’t have a pile of work. accumulated.

Actively work on these tasks for 50 minutes, rest for 15, and then do something else. Also, to get used to the idea, I recommend that you establish a specific schedule or time of your day to carry out these activities.

Motivate yourself

Of course, you can reward yourself with something that makes you happy after a day of work: from a chocolate, to a movie, to a walk, it should be something that keeps you motivated enough to finish your work schedule without interruptions. Remember that the more you interrupt your work sessions, the longer it will take to finish.

Get rid of distractions

Turn off your phone or put it on silent and place it away from you to avoid being a distraction. Keep away all kinds of distracting objects and if you are going to listen to music make sure that it is a playlist in which you do not have to intervene.

It does not matter if you work at home or office, if you share space with someone else, request that you not be interrupted during the period of time that you consider appropriate to finish the work.

Share tasks with your team

Who says that being an entrepreneur has no advantages? Spread out the tasks so they can be done in a faster period of time and so you don’t carry all the work.

The point here is that, as a leader, not all these activities can be distributed among your team and many of them will still be your responsibility, in those cases there will be no choice but to apply the previous advice, you will see how you finish before you know it.

This article first appeared on Entrepreneur.