4 cases where you really should move to save money

It’s true what they say: there’s never a “perfect” time to move. But sometimes making that decision is the best thing for you and your family.

But when exactly is that? If that nagging thought of whether or not the time is right for you to move or not is continuously looming, know that you’re not alone! There are many people in that same exact boat and sometimes it takes a better opportunity to present itself in order for you to find some clarity. Here are some sure signs that this better opportunity may be right here and right now for your family.

1. You Can Find a Lower-Interest Rate for Your Mortgage

When interest rates dip, it’s definitely time to consider the thought of moving more seriously. It’s not a good idea to move solely because there are low rates available, but if you’re already thinking about moving, low-interest rates may be the boost you need to take action.

Realtors and professionals in the housing industry are reporting that interest rates are expected to rise throughout 2017, so this factor may be more timely than ever! The faster you move, the faster you will be locked into the lower rate before it climbs as the professionals are predicting they will.

2. Getting Your Kid in the Right School

If you have young children or are planning to have children, moving may be the perfect solution to ensuring your kids will attend the school district that you want them to. Whether due to distance, expectations or quality, the costs to having a poorer schooling situation, literal and figurative, can be quite high. There really is never a “perfect” time to move but relocating when your kids are younger will make for an easier transition on them when compared to that same transition at an older age.

Before you move, make sure you do thorough research on the school’s report card, the current boundaries and if there is any chance that the district will be re-zoning anytime soon.

3. The Cost of Repairs Won’t Help Your Resale Value

Are you currently brainstorming renovations, only to find out that these changes are totaling more money than you’re willing to invest in this property? If that’s the case, moving into a space that requires less investment may be a better financial decision for you and your family. Of course, we love the idea of personalizing your home in order to create a space you LOVE, but we also don’t want you to spend so much money that you won’t be able to make that money back when it’s time to sell.

If these renovations won’t help the resale value of the home, maybe it’s time to start looking for a new place to customize… one that will be a better investment in the long run.

4. Just Basic Maintenance is Overwhelming

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, chances are it has stolen a place in your heart and is now ingrained in your family history.  It’s “home” and you probably can’t imagine living anywhere else and quite honestly, we don’t blame you!

Raising a family and building memories in a home is priceless and something you can never replace. But after the kids are gone and you’re left with a property that requires a lot of home repair or maintenance, it may be time to re-evaluate. If you’re feeling overwhelmed (physically or mentally), it may be time to move.

You’ll never be able to replicate those new memories in your next home, but maybe the best is still yet to come.

This article first appeared on Hire A Helper.