3 ways to stay calm when you’re anxious about a big career opportunity

Do you ever feel like when you volunteer for something that’s out of your comfort zone at work or are approached about a startling game-changer for your career, your anxiety spikes until all is said and done? Does a sinking feeling set in, like the rug of comfort and familiarity is being pulled out from under you?

Here are three things to do when you feel like you’re spiraling out of control.

Share your thoughts with a loved one

This practice also goes hand-in-hand with embracing change in work and life.

Talking to friends and/or family about what’s been added to your plate can help ease the heavy burden — and their input can help you lift it, well after the conversation is over. All it takes it a little bit of encouragement from someone who sees you clearer than you do yourself to put things into perspective.

Don’t be afraid to let them in on how you’re really feeling, and to ask for their advice. You might be surprised by what you hear in return.

Do some heavy preparation beforehand

This way, you’ll be ready for most things that come your way, but you’ll also feel confident enough to handle the things you don’t see coming. After all, let’s face it: life will always be unpredictable.

Keeping this in mind, using your computer or a trusty notebook, make a preparation document with notes, questions and concerns. This just might help you get your bearings as time goes by, and change your mood for the better.

There’s no use in sitting around worrying about what’s to come without doing something to help yourself take that leap. You should seize the chance to empower yourself instead.

Get as excited as you can about the possibilities

Think about the fact that it’s not all bad.

Sure, things could massively change for you, whether it’s because of a huge project, a coveted meeting with an industry leader or a jump to a new company. But think about how much you’ve wondered if you could make it to this career stage in the first place.

Take a walk down memory lane. What did you want to be growing up? What had to happen for you to get to this new chapter? It’s funny how eventually we realize that everything we go through professionally — whether it’s challenging or not — prepares us for the days ahead.

So, try to shake off the impostor syndrome that’s clouding your vision of the future. You truly deserve the new opportunity that’s coming your way, but how you feel won’t change until you actually start believing it.