3 trends that will define remote work in 2021

  • Technologically simple.
  • Collaborative work will be the key.
  • Comfort above all.

After several months of having come into our lives, in some cases unexpectedly, today it seems that we are totally used to the home office: according to Kaspersky, 48% of employees now make their video calls with a more comfortable outfit, while 27% prefer to prepare a quote from their terrace or garden.

“Unlike the first months of confinement, today people have a home office routine much more adjusted to their lifestyle. The adoption of technology, connectivity and collaborative work has allowed them to design increasingly dynamic days and a way of working that they would never have thought of before the pandemic”, comments Carlos Kamimura, Director of LATAM Alliances at monday.com , the working operating system that allows teams to collaborate from anywhere.

In the absence of a specific date for the return to the offices, everything indicates that remote work will continue to change, but what will 2021 bring us in terms of this modality?

Will we still like to work in our pajamas or from the garden?

According to Kamimura, these are some trends that will mark the home office during 2021:

Technologically simple

The digital transformation due to the pandemic has led companies to use up to 6 communication apps to carry out their activities.

Therefore, the integration of different tools in a single platform will be one of the biggest trends in remote work in 2021, given that 66% of employees declare that having their applications in a single space would help them achieve a better workflow, increase their productivity and reduce the feeling of “technological fatigue” during working hours.

Monday.com for example, allows teams to sync each of the apps used in their workspace: Google, Microsoft, Slack, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

Collaborative work will be the key

2021 will be full of challenges, mainly tighter budgets and talent drain. It is for this reason that the management of collaborative work will be more important than ever for managers or project leaders.

That is why, properly managing the flows and responsibilities of the teams, through technological tools, will be key to increasing the levels of engagement of employees with the company, as well as to reduce their workloads that allow them to take advantage and enjoy as long as possible at home, as 77% perform better when the company takes seriously the balance of collaborative work and the equitable distribution of work.

Comfort above all

Without a doubt, our home will continue to be the safest place to work , so new ideas will be added to the comfort of performing our tasks in pajamas throughout the day, as 37% of employees already do, according to data from the State of Remote Work from monday.com.

Beyond the digital acceleration that the home office has acquired, the pandemic has prompted us to seek new ways to continue collaborating with our remote teams, thanks to the use of technological tools that are increasingly adapted to our way of working, which will be something that will definitely mark remote work in 2021.

This article first appeared on Entrepreneur.