3 tips for finding out if your boss is a good boss or not

Being a boss is super easy, right? Well, obviously not, otherwise we’d all be managers! But, whilst it may not be easy, the effects of bad leadership are well documented.

In fact, many employees attribute their lack of motivation to bad management – and rightly so. Here, you can find out how good your boss really is. It’s time to put them to the Kununu manager test.

Your boss is ineffective

Your boss has done it again, they’ve done absolutely nothing. The meeting you just sat through was not structured in any way, there were no objectives.

In fact, nothing of any use came out of it. It sounds like you have a boss who draws their entire raison d’être from the fact that they sit in the boss’s chair. And they need this status more than anything else because they just have to feel important.

Unfortunately, they do absolutely nothing for it, and yet they seem to sit in every single important meeting!

“Bosses want to sit back and do nothing while employees are doing two or three jobs.” – anonymous employer review at Orr Corporation

Your boss is too much of a buddy

They’re your boss, but they also act like your friend. It may seem great at first, but this will very quickly turn out to be a problem. Because, behind your boss’ back you know that your colleagues dance around a lot of problems.

In other words, you’ve got tired of hearing your boss promise a lot of things, only to underdeliver, yet again.

They extend deadlines, come and go as they please, and they hardly ever hand in their work on time. This gets really annoying, really fast! But, it’s not just you who doesn’t want to put pressure on your boss – they clearly only listen to their superiors.

“I have always had a good boss who I consider a friend and want to do good work for.” – anonymous employer review at NFIB

Your boss radiates harmony – until it stinks

Your boss’s favorite song is “Happy,” and they lead the team to this tune. Any criticism and conflicts are showered with honey-sweet messages like “we’re all in the same boat.” They don’t take a stand or vouch for anything, in fact they don’t seem to have any opinions of their own at all. What they forget is that by constantly trying to keep everyone happy and not giving or receiving any direct feedback your team grinds to a halt which means no progress, no motivation and no results.

“One positive experience was having an open and honest boss that would share everything with me.” – anonymous employer review at RTP

The bottom line

When it comes to leadership versus psyche, a study shows that there is a direct relationship between leadership qualities and the mental health of employees. According to this study, leadership behaviour has an enormous impact on the well-being and mental health of employees. In other words, weak leadership leads to a lack of motivation. If, on the other hand, your boss is great at recognizing your work, commitment and confidence, then you’re more likely to feel much more motivated. If this is the case, go and tell your boss!

The good news is that everyone can learn to be a good boss, so never give up on your optimism! In the meantime check out our Top 10 list of companies with the most supportive management in the U.S.

This article first appeared on Kununu