3 reasons why you should start your New Year’s resolutions now

January 2018 is almost here, but if you’re looking to go into next year in better shape than before, now might be the time to start working ahead to achieve your goals.

Here’s why you should consider starting your new year’s resolution in December  instead of January, when everyone else will be in the same boat.

You’ll give yourself a head start

There’s nothing like getting the ball rolling on something that’s been in your mind for ages.

So why wait? You might as well get started now so you’ll be able to enjoy the momentum you’ve put into place.

You’re competing against yourself, so you might as well do everything you can to push through, if working toward the resolution is something you feel like you can’t live without.

Plus, you’ll already have done some of the work, so there will be less of the daunting pressure that comes with starting something new at the beginning of the year.

You’ll be ahead of the game

Say you want to get back in shape, but have super busy schedule — instead of waiting until the holidays are over and 2018 is here, head to the gym before masses of people flock in during the first week of January.

The same thing applies to your resolutions for next year: If you want to beat the competition in your field, and/or enhance your skills, you might as well start now, before everyone is trying to do what you’ve set out to accomplish.

You’ll be able to get any additional resources you think you’ll need

Christy Wright, business coach and author of Business Boutique, talks to Entrepreneur Network partner Emily Richett at a Business Boutique event about how to get a business off the ground in a video about how to “stop dreaming and start doing.”

One of Wright’s tips is to “start with what you have.”

“When you start with what you have, what you do is you reduce your cost and you reduce the risk, and so it makes entry into the marketplace so much easier,” she says. “Make it easy on yourself. What skills or experience do you have? What are you naturally good at? When you start with that, you make it easy on yourself to win.”

That being said, when you start a big project for 2018 from that perspective, it’s a lot easier to see what additional resources you might need down the line.

Wright later adds that “if you don’t go ahead and launch, you never get that feedback from your audience of what they need more of.”