29% of workers say stress leads to productivity problems in the office

New data from collaborative work management platform Wrike shows that 29% of American workers surveyed reported that stress leads to productivity problems in the office. Taking a look at a more specific breakdown, eight percent agreed that “stress causes me to shut down and be unproductive” and 21% said that “I can handle some stress, but my work quality suffers.”

How stress impacts employees’ performance

Surprisingly, Americans didn’t have just bad things to say:

  • “Stress causes me to shut down and be unproductive:” 8%
  • “I can handle some stress, but my work quality suffers:” 21%
  • “Stress affects me personally but doesn’t affect my work or work habits:” 20%
  • “A little bit of stress can help me focus and get work done:” 33%
  • “My best work comes from high-stress situations:” 5%
  • “I don’t let work stress me out:” 11%

These things wreak havoc on employees’ stress

Here’s how people with different stress levels responded:

  • “Receiving email or text messages from a superior outside of work hours:” 18% of people “with no to low stress” and 32% of people “with moderate to high stress”
  • “Notifications of new emails or messages during work:” 10% with “no to low stress,” 19% “with moderate to high stress”
  • “Being unable to locate information I know I’ve seen in the past” 27% “with no to low stress,” 42% “with moderate to high stress”
  • “Receiving assignments with unrealistic deadlines:” 44% “with no to low stress,” 69% “with moderate to high stress”
  • “Too much time spent in meetings and not enough time to do actual work:” 22% “with no to low stress” 37% “with moderate to high stress”

Here’s what happens to a stressed workforce

Among people working at companies making a whopping yearly revenue of more than $51 million, 38% say they have “moderate stress,” 28% say it’s “high but sustainable” and 24% say it’s “low, but present.” Six percent say it’s “unsustainably high” and four percent say their work stress is nonexistent. The report goes on to say that 11% of workers at these employers say that work stress “negatively impacts their home life every day.”

“This perpetual impact on home life is causing employees from successful companies to head for the hills. Of the 11% who say that work negatively impacts their home life every day, 77.5% report having looked for another job as a result of stress, and nearly half (45%) have actually quit their job,” the report continues.

But while 63% of women surveyed overall said that being able to work from home would make them feel less stressed, 52.2% of men agreed.

Does this data remind you of yourself? If so, keep in mind that there are a variety of ways to deal with an onslaught of stress at work, whether it’s during the holidays or year-round.