Give Your Career a Mid-Year Check-Up

Keep your career on the right track with this mid-year evaluation. 

If you don’t want to become obsolete in your career, then it’s imperative to seek out new professional development opportunities. This could be as simple as registering for your industry’s annual conference, watching a relevant webinar, or optimizing your summer reading with a book that will help you to fill in a knowledge gap that’s holding you back.

Scope out the market

While you may be content with your current role, it never hurts to know what else is out there. The most successful professionals constantly keep an eye on the job market and their competition. Download free apps like Ladders and take a look at the open opportunities in your area. This is also a great way to research your market value before you negotiate your next raise or promotion.

Combine work and play

If your networking activities slumped since the weather improved, it’s time to turn things around. Use each block party, baseball game, and barbecue as an opportunity to network. Additionally, take advantage of lighter workloads and summer Fridays by scheduling informational interviews  with valuable networking contacts.