20 of the all time best productivity apps

Distracting notifications, back-and-forth emails and lost documents can sap hours from every day, especially if you’re worried about dinner plans in the back of your mind.

But you have the power to cut through the noise of busy work and reclaim your schedule. Use any of these apps to put technology to work, freeing up your mind to focus on your next brilliant idea.

Track your tasks

Done — Healthy habits lead to productivity. Done reminds you to drink water, meditate and work out, tracking streaks as your self care becomes routine.

Serene — With Serene, identify one goal each day and break it down, focusing on your big picture as you knock out one task after another. 

Toggl — Time is money. Toggl tracks your time spent on different projects, with insights that help you make the most of every minute.

WeDo — WeDo integrates your inbox, calendar and to-do lists while reminding you about chores and bills. With WeDo, you can master that elusive work-life balance. 

Integrate and automate

Evernote — Clear your mind and stay organized with Evernote, a virtual notebook where you can record ideas, save websites and set deadlines.

IFTTT — Connect your voice assistant to Google Drive. Share Evernote clips on Slack. Turn on your porch light for the UberEats driver. All through IFTTT’s integrative power.

Pocket Analytics — See real-time data from your website and social media in one place, and track your network’s growth with sleek visualizations.

Any.do — It’s hard to plan your day juggling personal and work calendars. Any.do syncs across platforms and brings color-coded clarity to your schedule.

Zapier — Zapier automates your busy work. Download attachments, create calendar events and set up Slack notifications from over 2,000 apps in just a few clicks.

Knock out big projects

Airtable — With a unique spreadsheet layout and powerful calendar and form functions, Airtable helps design a management system tailor-made for you.

Notion — Store documents in a ‘Team Wiki,’ collect meeting notes, delegate tasks and create a project hub with this all-in-one workspace.

Taskade — Customization is the key to success. With Taskade, switch between lists, flowcharts and spreadsheets to visualize workflow your way.

Trello — With Trello’s intuitive visual design, you can break big ideas down in minutes, assign tasks and accomplish even the most ambitious projects.

Get in the zone

Be Focused — Power through a work session, take a break, rinse and repeat. Set your own schedule with Be Focused, and track progress with its simple interface.

Focus@Will — Personalize playlists for background music that keeps you tuned in to productivity. Take a quiz, hit play and let distractions fade.

Forest — Watch trees grow as you work. Get distracted, and your garden will wither. Stay focused, and Forest plants real trees on your behalf. Yes, gamifying your productivity can make the planet greener!

Freedom — A pesky notification can shatter your focus. Freedom blocks distracting sites so you can lock in on the task at hand.

Communicate with confidence

Hootsuite — Monitor your social media profiles without switching between apps. Hootsuite displays feeds and offers performance insights, all from one dashboard.

Slack — File transfer, chat channels and video conferences keep teams of any size running seamlessly on Slack, whether you’re planning a party or a system update.

Spark — Conquer a busy inbox with Spark’s filters, which prioritize notifications from contacts you know. Plus, stay responsive with simple scheduling and quick replies.