2 super successful fitness company founders on how to work out when you work 24/7

There are 24 hours in a day but when you spend the majority of them in an office (whether it be in a skyscraper, your bedroom or a coffee shop) there never seems to be enough time to get anything done outside of work (though there is always plenty of time to sigh about not having enough time for anything.)

And though you can read study after study about the importance of working out (many of them on this site) and how it can help tremendously with productivity, somehow you can make an excuse to not make it to the gym quite often. But then you end up hating yourself more and to comfort yourself eat a three-pound bag of jelly beans for dinner as you binge-watch Below Deck: Mediterranean and wonder what has happened to your life.

However, there are ways to incorporate workouts into your day. Ladders spoke with Sadie Lincoln and Simone De La Rue, the (respectively) extremely successful founders of Barre3 and Body by Simone. Barre3 is a full-body balanced workout combining strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness that involves props such as Core Ball, Core Sliders, Resistance Bands, a yoga mat, and a barre or waist-high surface. In layman’s terms, it is a mixture of pilates, yoga, ballet and it is hard (and therefore awesome) as hell.   Started in 2008, barre3 now has over 300 locations and has a community-based franchise operation. Lincoln has said she founded the fitness company on the notion of “creating an environment that empowers each of our clients to look inside for answers and make their barre3 experiences exactly what they need.

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De La Rue opened her first studio in 2011 which is best described as a dance-based interval training session. Dubbed as “Hollywood’s Hottest Workout Empire” by Forbes (Jennifer Garner and Madonna are fans), Body by Simone now includes two Los Angeles studios, one NYC studio, three DVDs, an online streaming service, a clothing line, a co-branded shoe with Newton Running, and she is the author of “The 8-Week Total Body Makeover Plan” book. de la Rue told Ladders her workouts are “an ego-free environment where women can come together in a safe place to workout and leave feeling joyous and invigorated. The focus is on holistic health and wellness, I always say, this isn’t a quick fix, it’s about creating a lifestyle that our BBS Beauties love and can sustain. The classes are exciting and different every time, with unique and varied combinations of dance, resistance training, and trampolines, you’re always being challenged and it’s never repetitive. The workout challenges your body and mind, your coordination and memory; it’s a completely holistic experience.”

Ladders spoke with both founders, who are both partners of the Second Annual POPSUGAR Play/Ground conference happening in New York City this weekend, about how busy working people can make more time for their health. The Millennial female-focused festival is expected to attract more than 15,000 attendees. The theme of this year’s festival is Power Your Happily Ever After.

Work out the workout

De La Rue told Ladders, “I always tell my clients, I don’t care what they do, find a workout that you love and feel inspired by. There’s also a big misconception that a workout needs to be an hour to be effective when you can actually fit in 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes at night and see incredible results. I designed my Body By Simone App around that concept, and really do believe in that principle. I encourage my clients to find the joy in their fitness journey, to find a way to fit workouts into their lifestyle so that it never feels like a chore and always leaves them feeling joyous and invigorated. I think it’s important to find a workout that works for you, which is why it’s so great that POPSUGAR Play/Ground is bringing all these amazing classes to one place.”

Lincoln had a slightly different yet equally applicable strategy. “Two things: Number one: Remind yourself every single day how important your workouts are to you, and then ink them in your calendar as if it is your most important meeting for the day.  Number two: When you do a workout, set an intention to honor exactly what you need in that moment. Each moment is different, so there is no way to plan this except by being present. When you do this, exercise will move from being a chore to a deeply rewarding experience you will crave.

I know that even with tips like this, life tends to take over and the first thing to go is self-care. We are all so busy—and especially millennials these days! I meet so many women who tell me that the number-one thing I can do to help them is to make barre3 more accessible and easier for them to integrate into their busy lives. It’s the driving intention behind our online workouts and why we keep expanding through our franchised studios. But not everyone can get to a studio, and working out online is only part of the equation. Nothing tops the energy you get from coming together for a body-positive workout with killer beats playing and a room filled with people aligned around being empowered and strong together.”

It’s all about the healthy mindset

A lot of the focus with working out is not really about the pursuit of health but just looking at exercise as thing you have to do. But embracing it for the actual wellness part of it may help you have a better attitude about it. De La Rue told Ladders, “A little tip I love to share revolves around the mental and emotional side of fitness. People are always so quick to look for physical results of any workout, but the real growth comes from shedding our emotional baggage and blocks, the psychical results follow. Every morning, I light a candle and set an intention for the day, so that whenever I am stressed, I can come back to this mantra and stay grounded and positive. You’d be surprised how much of an impact a healthy mindset can have on your overall wellbeing and fitness transformation. Try it for yourself and see the uplifting results spread throughout every aspect of your life.”

Lincoln noted, ” We have a specific approach to teaching barre3 that extends beyond the time you are exercising with us and into the rest of your life. For example, we celebrate modifications not only
because they prevent injury and help you feel good in your body, but also because they are a metaphor for honoring your truth and standing up for yourself. We each have such beautiful and
unique bodies and lives, so why should we all try to do the same thing and look the same way? When you modify a move at barre3, you’re practicing how to honor your truth, stand proud in your body, and move through life with purpose.”