A look at performance management platform 15Five (plus advice on how to get hired)

15Five, the performance management platform that allows for continuous communication, was created in 2011 with a mission to help people reach their fullest potential at work. When an organization’s focus is a mission like that, what is it like actually working for the company? Read on to find out all about the company’s culture, amazing perks, and advice for getting hired from the founder and CEO.

15Five rundown

Size: 169 employees

Industry: Computer Software

Locations: 15Five’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California, but the company also has offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, and New York, New York. The company also has a number of remote workers around the world as well.

Founded: 2011

Founder and CEO: David Hassell

David Hassell
Courtesy 15Five

Mission: The company’s mission is to create “space where people become their greatest selves,” according to its website.

How much do 15Five employees make?

The average salary for a 15Five employee is $109,166 per year. Ladders estimates are based on our calculations.

15Five Jobs

15Five is currently hiring for a variety of open positions, including a Director of Sales Development and a Senior Software Engineer to join the team in San Francisco, California. The New York office is looking for a VP of Product Management and a VP of Engineering to join the team. Find a full list of open roles on Ladders’ 15Five Jobs page.

Company Culture

“One of the things that specifically stands out about our culture is the level of camaraderie and care that we have,” CEO David Hassell said.

Hassell wants the company’s culture to not only be positive but to be transformational in helping employees become their best selves.

“15Five has actually changed people’s lives in how they feel psychologically safe at work, how they self express as human beings outside of work,” Hassell said. “I think that that’s a real testament to the kind of environment that we’ve created.”

Office Life

The company “lives and breaths the open concept floor plan” and there’s always find someone getting work done on the many bean bag chairs throughout the office.

The company doesn’t just say that it wants employees to work towards their best selves, but also delivers solutions to help them do so. For example, each employee receives a $300 birthday “best-self bonus” that they can use to pursue any type of personal growth or learning within that calendar year. In the past, employees have used their bonus for singing lessons, a private swim coach, financial planning workshops, healing arts training, and creative writing coaching.

Additionally, this past year the company offered to reimburse a ticket to Burning Man for any employee who has never attended before as a way to foster creativity and community at work.

What the 15Five CEO says it takes to get hired

“The advice I would give to someone interviewing at 15Five is to be 100% yourself, not to posture, because what we’re looking for is people who are fully themselves to come and work at our company because we value that uniqueness and that diversity,” David Hassell said.

The company wants to help employees be their best selves, so showing a growth mindset and an excitement to learn should make for a good interview experience.

15Five’s values

The company’s values guide the team to develop a product that its customers will love. The values are:

  1. Find the leverage
  2. Cultivate health & vitality
  3. Grant trust & be transparent
  4. Always be learning & growing
  5. Keep things simple
  6. Embrace freedom & flexibility
  7. Take responsibility
  8. Maximize our zone of genius
  9. Commit to customer success and delight
  10. Dare to dream

Complete list of 15Five funding rounds

The company has raised more than $42.1 million over six funding rounds. The latest round, a Series B, was announced on June 18, raised $30.7 million, and was led by Next47.

Employee perks and benefits

According to reviews on Glassdoor, employees receive “all the standard stuff, plus some special growth and dev opportunities” and have many “opportunities to travel.” Many reviews also mention that there is a very flexible work from home policy.

15Five employee reviews 2019

The company has amazing reviews on Glassdoor, with a 5-star rating, 100% of reviewers recommending the company to a friend, and 100% approving of the CEO.

One reviewer wrote that it is “undoubtedly the best place to work” with another ensuring that “it is NOT too good to be true.”

Reviewers definitely back up Hassell’s claims about creating a place that helps others be their best selves.

“Leadership and managers truly care about developing their people both professionally and personal, and there is a genuine commitment to ensuring balance and preventing burnout, despite the intense, high growth state we are in,” one reviewer wrote. “The educational benefits and ongoing training that is provided to employees and contractors is unparalleled – I feel like a completely different person compared to my pre-15Five life, thanks to all of the learning and growing that has happened in the last year.”

What does 15Five do?

15Five is a performance management platform that allows for continuous communication between managers and employees. The platform allows managers to focus on forwarding growth for each individual employee, track OKRs, and plan effective meetings.

The main features of the platform are:

  • My Profile: Easily view all personal 15Five activity in one place.
  • Weekly check-in: Get a pulse of team morale and performance.
  • High fives: Recognize employees and increase engagement.
  • Objectives:Align everyone around top company priorities.
  • One-on-one’s:Plan and execute quick and effective meetings with everyone on your team.
  • Best-self review: Help employees grow with forward-looking reviews.
  • 360-degree best-self review:Help the team grow with relevant 360° feedback.