15 companies where most employees make at least $100K

Looking for a new job, but only if you are sure of the salary? Well, you are in luck because as of February public companies are now required to disclose a ratio that compares the salary of their CEO with the pay of their median employee. Some of the ratios were a bit to closely aligned with the Economic Policy Institute‘s estimation that CEOs were making as much as 270 times that of their average workers in 2016. For example at Adamczyk, the CEO makes $16.8 million and median employee is bringing in $50,296. However, with more companies being transparent about salaries you may be surprised by how much some staff are making at somewhat unlike companies (for example, it is good to work at Dunkin’ Donuts, at least if you’re in the right part of the company).

Money, based on SEC filings, put together a list of 15 companies where half of their employees are making $100,00 and above. Here are those high-paying companies.

LogMeIn Inc.

This company offers cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement and is based in Boston, MA.

Median employee salary: $108,209

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Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc.

Everyone’s favorite donut and coffee chain pays its employees quite generously — at least in the Massachusetts-based chain’s corporate mothership. Perhaps they predict their new Cosmic Coolatta frozen beverages will perform quite well.

Median employee salary: $110,471


The world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems pays well and is also one of Ladder’s top companies hiring right now. 

Median employee salary: $111,204

Sirius XM Holdings Inc.

The broadcasting company includes Howard Stern as one of its employees.

Median employee salary: $114,841


The e-commerce giant was founded in 1995 in San Jose, CA.

Median employee salary: $122,891


Lowell McAdam is the CEO of this telecommunications company.

Median employee salary: $126,623

NewMarket Corp.

NewMarket is the parent company of Afton Chemical Corporation, Ethyl Corporation, NewMarket Services Corporation and NewMarket Development Corporation.

Median employee salary: $128,030


Though it is having a little problem with founder control right now, the video game service company pays its employees well.

Median employee salary: $140,382.

Phillips 66

This energy company is headquartered in Westchase, Houston, TX.

Median employee salary: $170,988

DTE Energy Corp.

The energy company just became one of the first to sell green bonds. 

Median employee salary: $173,839


The radio company just partnered with Philo, a virtual pay-TV startup.

Median employee salary:  $175,138


Everyone’s favorite streaming TV and movie service seems like a cush place to work for the perks alone and now it turns out the salary ain’t bad either.

Median employee salary: $183,304

Alphabet Inc.

Google’s parent company pays its employees very well.

Median employee salary:  $197,274


Based in San Francisco,  Splunk produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing data.

Median employee salary:  $256,370.


This drug company focuses on cancer research and is based in Waltham, MA.

Median employee salary: $344,329