15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs with really awesome Instagram accounts

How did we live before Instagram? Well, we probably didn’t have our nose in our phones as much, but seriously an Instagram account can say so much about a company and the people who work for it.

Adam Rosenberg, Co-Founders of the creative studio and influencer collective kvell, told Inc., “Instagram is the number one platform where people go to discover new products, experiences, and businesses, so it’s essential to have a presence, but not just any presence. Your brand needs to stand out.”

Even though a brand may be incredibly well-known, and around for years, if your Instagram doesn’t intrigue, entertain or stimulate, does it even really exist? After all,  Instagram added 100 million users in only five months in 2017 and has an impressive 800 million monthly users. Plus 53% of users follow brands on the platform.

Using its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs Ladders decided to take a look at which companies hiring for $100K+ jobs had standout Instagram accounts. Here are 15 great ones:

1. General Electric

Wind turbines never looked so good.

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2. Coca-Cola

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The ultimate score. #EnjoyYours #MarchMadness

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Coke could have really phoned this one in. They are Coke after all. But their videos and illustrations are awesome and captivating.

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3. Walgreens

Dogs in sunglasses, cute kids, beauty products and cats in bathtubs! What more could you ask for in an Instagram account for a store that sells everything.

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4. Lowe’s

Who doesn’t love a good home improvement account? Plus Lowe’s isn’t just showing off beautiful rooms, houses and outdoor spaces but is showing the consumer how to obtain them.

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5. The Traveler’s Companies

This just proves that even if your company’s industry has a boring reputation it doesn’t mean they can’t be creative and clever on their Instagram and The Traveler’s Companies does not disappoint. Full of fun illustrations and cool pics, this brand definitely sets itself apart.

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6. Google

Did you really think Google wouldn’t have an amazing Instagram account? After all, who isn’t inspired by Google?

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7. Ford Motor

You can’t go too wrong with beautiful vintage cars but Ford really outshines its competitors with its thoughtful Instagram feed.

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8. Apple

Apple has always been about aesthetics in their design, so it is no wonder that their Instagram feed follows suit. But even more wonderous is that they manage to plug their product and interact with their customers by using their iPhone photos mainly on the platform. Surprisingly they only started doing it in 2017.

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9. Whirlpool

There is nothing more mundane than washing clothes (even in a beautiful Whirlpool washing machine) and yet the company has made an incendiary Instagram account. There is nothing really more relatable than doing laundry and that is what the account is all about: Life and the wonderful messes we have to clean up because we are living. Whether you are on load 50 or load 3,862 for your daughter, you are getting through it. I dare you not to tear up at that video.

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10. Gap

Gap always had an incredible ad campaigns (remember those holiday commercials? They were iconic.) So we aren’t surprised their Instagram account isn’t super fun as well.

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11. Marriott International

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A royal stay awaits at The Castle Hotel!

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I mean it’s pretty hard to have a bad Instagram account when your company has beautiful hotels all over the world, but still Marriott really outdid itself.

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12. Harley-Davidson

OK so motorcycles are cool but Harley-Davidson does a great job of showing their appreciation for their diverse and loyal customer group (women ride motorcycles too!), many of whom they feature on the platform. They also made a wise choice choosing motorcycle enthusiast and This is Us star Milo Ventimiglia to do a campaign with them this year.

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13. Conagra Brands

Yes sometimes we get sick of seeing food on our Instagram feeds but not when it looks this good. Plus none of it is gourmet so you know you could actually make all of this food yourself.

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14. Disney

Pretty hard to not have a great Instagram account when your company makes some of the most popular and beloved films of all time (not to mention huge franchises like Star Wars, The Incredibles and Avengers) and is the owner of one of the happiest places on Earth. Plus, they created Winnie the Pooh!

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15. Nike

They make some of the coolest athletic products ever and their Instagram brings those products to life through visual stories.

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