13 questions you need to answer before the interview

Before you spend time preparing to answer difficult interview questions here are some questions to ask yourself.

If you can answer these questions you will better be able to position your signature strengths in alignment with the company’s goals.

1. Do you understand the purpose of the business for which you are interviewing?

Study it on their website. Ask people who know the organization questions about the culture. Be able to describe what your impression is and ask questions about it. Say it out loud.

2. Why are you passionate about the company mission?

How do your values align with the company’s values? Say this out loud.

3. Have you defined your transferable skills

What from your education and experience that can be applied to this position (check out this free training seminar here)? Can you recite them out loud?

4. What signature strength do you have that can bring value in this role?

5. How would you tell the story of your career trajectory thus far in five sentences or less?

6. Have you written down and can you easily state your accomplishments that apply to this industry?

7. What problem will you describe that you have solved in the past?

8. What are your suggested solutions to challenges you perceive the company may have or the position holds? List them on paper and speak of them out loud.

9. What appropriate attire and accessories or lack thereof will you wear for the interview? List the items.

10. What tone of voice and body language do you want to have to convey executive presence? Have you practiced this in front of a mirror more than once?

11. Can you explain how your hobbies, interests, volunteer work and activities lend themselves already to the leadership role for which you are applying?

12. Do you have a portfolio to bring with letters of reference and measurable examples of your work?

13. Can you tell a story when you answer questions?

Storytelling is an art and is far more engaging than a list of accomplishments. How did you grow? Show humility. What did you learn about yourself in the process? When you are asked a question on an interview, answer it by giving an example of how you accomplished that challenge already in another position.

People remember stories because they identify with the main character. Good stories contain a conflict that is overcome by an endearing character. Endearing characters are honest and driven.

Every good fairytale holds a conflict that was overcome by an endearing character. That is why we remember fairy tales from our childhood when we forget some of your friends.