12+ work-appropriate Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is arguably one of the most fun holidays to celebrate – outside of work and even AT work if your company celebrates it. However,  finding costumes that are appropriate for work gets more and more challenging every year.

Here we share some of the most clever, creative, and quick work-appropriate halloween costume ideas that you can try next time Halloween rolls around:

1. Mime

It’s easy! Blank skinny jeans, striped shirt, suspenders, white gloves, and classic mime makeup will have you ready for Halloween at work in no time.

2. Mary Poppins

You can really wear almost any school outfit and carry an umbrella and oversized handbag to nail the wholesome Mary Poppins look. Check out this idea from Marie Claire.

3. Pencil

Wear a yellow sheath dress (or a long sleeve yellow top and pants), black or charcoal heels, and an “eraser pink” hat to finish off the look. You can customize your shirt or dress to say #2 pencil if you feel your ensemble could use an explanation.

4. Farmer

Layer a pair of bib overalls over a flannel shirt and you have a wholesome, unisex costume that’s fun, affordable, and warm. Add a trucker cap for a finished look.

5. A Frappe from Starbucks

A little creativity goes a long way with this simple do-it-yourself Starbucks frappe costume (but you might choose a longer dress for the office). After all, what could be more work appropriate than coffee?!

6. Where’s Waldo?

A piece-of-cake costume: red and white striped shirt and hat paired with jeans and tennies you already own! Add round-rimmed glasses and voila – you have a quick, easy costume that’s okay even for customer-facing workers.

7. Unicorn

Unicorns – or the idea of them – are all the rage lately, from makeup trends, toys, cartoons and even business terminology. They make an easy, work-friendly halloween costume too! Whether you purchase a ready-made plush unicorn onesie that seem to be sold everywhere these days, or you can make your own DIY version by wearing a bright furry top (and matching bottom, if you have it), wearing multicolor unicorn-like sparkly makeup, and putting a horn on your head.

8. Nurse or Doctor

Grab a scrub top and bottom from a local thrift store or department store, hang a stethoscope around your neck, and wear your favorite tennis shoes (or sneakers, crocs or orthopedic shoes) for a fun, easy costume.

9. Clark Kent (Superman)

All you need for this is a nice, clean suit, a crisp collared button-down shirt and a Superman t-shirt underneath it all. Keep a few buttons of your white shirt unbuttoned to let the Superman tee show through and there you have it – you have this fun, yet subdued superhero costume look!

10. A Child

Put your hair in pigtails, wear an outfit that could pass as a child’s outfit (think overalls, bright colors and sneakers), and carry a backpack all day to pass as a kid on the first day of school – you might not pass, but you know what we mean.

11. A 50’s Housewife

Wear a 50’s style dress, tie a wrap around your head, and throw on some heels and an apron for a 50’s housewife costume.

12. Ghost

Throw a sheet over your regular work attire, cut two eye-holes, and call it a costume. It’s (almost) free but it still counts. The perfect compromise for people who don’t love to dress up.

13. Your Boss

Steal the show by dressing up as your boss! Do whatever it takes: a wig, the right shoes, their favorite outfit, the bag he or she carries every day…until your identity is unmistakable. This one has the potential to win you the costume contest if you have one, for being most creative but also super relevant and funny amongst coworkers!

This article was originally published on Kununu.com.