12 iPhone apps you’ll need while you work from home all day

As summer draws closer and closer, it’s clear that many of us will be working at home. Facebook recently announced that over half of their employees will stay at home working until next year.

Twitter told employees they can work at home indefinitely. It’s all in reaction to the current pandemic, even as the worst hotspots seem to be lessening in terms of infections. As we still hunker down at our desks, these apps can make a huge difference in how you work, connecting with other workers, and keeping yourself organized.

Marco Polo

Be sure and grab this app during this strange stay-at-home period. Marco Polo helps you feel more connected to friends, family, and coworkers. You can send video messages to one another and even comment on a video as it plays live.


The Trill app is a godsend during troubled times. You can sign up anonymously and then join a community of like-minded people to share your thoughts and feelings, all without being in the public bubble of Facebook or another social media app.


What does it take to really collaborate? For starters — a place to put down all of these ideas in an organized fashion. Chaos is not a welcome feeling when many of us have to work at home. Lucidchart is a powerful organizational app for planning and idea generation.

Adobe Sign

What Adobe Sign does for the stay=-at-home worker is quite phenomenal. It means you don’t have to print anything and can still complete contracts, request official information, and process paperwork. It also means you won’t run out of toner or ink cartridges.


Notetaking apps are helpful during Zoom meetings or just to jot down your random thoughts throughout the day. Notability is unique in that it helps you jot down ideas and collect images and other information in one easy to use app.


This app has a strange name — it is Hello spelled backwards — with a grand purpose. It’s a way to share your personal info in a way that’s similar to a business card and meant to forge new relationships. The concept includes social media connections as well.


Plann is an app for scheduling Instagram posts, which is ideal for remote workers who might not want to constantly rely only on the Instagram, app (which can be somewhat limiting). You can plan out your feed with images and text, all using a drag-and-drop interface.


Scanning documents doesn’t have to be a royal pain. This app makes it easier and more efficient, as opposed to the method many of us use instead (snapping a picture). The app can feed the info directly into evernote and other apps.


One thing that tends to confuse some users with social media and messaging apps is all of the hashtags, icons, and reactions you can do. Pronto is designed to remove some of those barriers and focuses instead on collaboration and finishing tasks.

Zoho Remotely

This collaboration app is quite powerful and yet easy to use for everyday homebound workers. It has some of the ethos of Zoom, built-in doc sharing, and yet uses a simplified interface that reduces all of the clutter and learning curve of, say, Microsoft Teams.


If a presentation can somehow become more dynamic and interesting, it means you can communicate even about complex topics while many of us work from home. Mentimeter  helps you make more visually appealing presentations with interactive elements.


One of the coolest apps you’ll find for communicating with friends and coworkers, Threads (made by Instagram) lets you share text and video quickly. It also allows you to share a status update but only with a close circle of collaborators.