10 ways to normalize women’s success in the office

Successful women are no rarity. Their accomplishments professionally, economically and socially are more commonplace than in any decade prior. The issue lies in normalizing the topic and expanding it for upcoming generations. The goal in the years to come is to obviously continue to make sure that all women have equal opportunities in the workplace. But how do we really dig deep to normalize that success?

The following 10 tips are my guidelines to help you begin the journey to changing the status quo.

Acknowledge that women’s success is not a new concept

We are not landing on the moon or discovering DNA for the first time. Women’s success in not a new concept, it just is not showcased to the necessary level. However, the tides are shifting. It is still in the beginning stages, but the future is starting to look a lot more woman-like and rightfully so.

Seek sources to read about other women’s successes

In an effort to normalize female triumphs, a number of blogs, podcasts, and inspirational social media accounts cropped up around the internet. The web is a perfect place to read and create content for a female-centric audience. Stories of overcoming adversities and inspiring one another are just the start of shifting the mindset.

Get it in the visual media

If female executives, entrepreneurs and leaders have more visibility on tv and in other places, more people—and especially more women- will see that success as normal. Americans consume copious amounts of media, and whatever they are watching is going to seep into their subconscious. Seeing powerful women more often conditions people to understand that this is not an exceptional thing. The more it is seen, the more normal it is in the minds of others.

Have women pioneer projects for women

For too long, men have written roles for women, directed them, and were the boss of them in many a workplace. Thankfully, these dynamics are changing. Women need to showcase other women in a normal and realistic light. No more unrealistic expectations and unrelatable storylines. Women are multi-faceted individuals and they need to be seen as such.

If you have a platform, use it to educate

Not too many people are blessed with the platform to reach a big audience. If you have the privilege, use it wisely and frequently to showcase female role models. By creating a platform to celebrate the success of women, we will in turn create the next generation of leaders because they will be able to see success as normal and attainable.

Stand up for women’s rights

Campaigning and voicing support for equal rights is a great start to normalizing the value of women. Changing laws and accepted practices for female equality is what is needed in order to move the needle forward on their economic, social and cultural success. This can be done whether you are male or female, or your organization is large or small. We can all do our part.

Live by the values you hold

Your values reflect what is important to you at the core. It can be hard to stand up for your values, when those around you don’t cherish the same ones. You must stand tall and demonstrate strength in your own beliefs. To move through challenging times and create
forward progress for women, you must fight against the status quo.

Talk about women’s success to normalize it

The best way to normalize women’s success is to talk about it. This is easier now than ever with the advent of social media and SMS messaging. Apply the adage, “When you see something, say something” here—if you are inspired by a female success story, share it! Use your social media to share videos and content so that more women can share in that success and use it to fuel their own growth.

It is all a mindset, for you and others

The issues of normalizing women’s success rather than seeing it as the exception comes down to mindset. Seek to establish a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity. If something seems scarce, your mind sees it as the exception and as the ‘other.’ If you view women’s success as abundant, you begin to see it even more. It is a cycle either way, you must choose which mindset you wish to hold.

Overcome the concept of competition

We are all in this together, and that supersedes the desire to win. This fight is bigger than one job, or one task—it is for lifetimes of change ahead. Don’t let numbers control your base primal urge to compete. If another woman has something you want, whether it be a job, partner, or lifestyle, applaud her and humble yourself to ask for her advice. Women need to create an ecosystem of support if they are going to normalize their successes. It’s about collaboration.

The takeaway

Women who achieve great feats definitely deserve their time in the limelight. After all, there are so many valuable lessons we can learn from following in their footsteps. A change in culture is the first step to change the norms of society. We must all do our part to promote the ideals for a new positive female era. We must continue to push until the day there are no barriers, and women’s opportunities are equally in abundance to that of our male colleagues.