10 telltale signs you’re working at a really awesome company

When you’ve spent you’re entire career in a single company or just started a new career, it can be hard to tell if you’ve landed in the right place. To give you a little perspective (backed by thousands of real employee opinions about workplaces on kununu), we’ve gathered 10 telltale signs that you’re working at a really awesome company.

1, You look forward to going to work.

Don’t get us wrong: everybody dreads work sometimes. Like on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. But if you generally look forward to the projects and people that await you and spend the weekend doing anything aside from dreading Monday, you might be working for a pretty sweet company.

2. The time gets away from you.

If you look at the clock expecting it to be mid-afternoon and find out it’s time to go home already, you’ve found work that captures your interest and attention. It takes an awesome employer to put you in the position that speaks to your needs and interests and then give you the autonomy you need to truly enjoy it.

3. Your colleagues feel like family.

If you can be yourself around your coworkers – imperfections and all – and you all pull your weight in the team, you’ve found a company who has mastered the challenging task of team-building.

4. You know what your boss thinks of you.

Managers everywhere tiptoe around feelings, leaving you wondering if you’re really meeting expectations or falling below the bar. If your manager is clear with you, sharing recognition for a job well done and coaching and guidance when you fall short, you’re lucky to have a good leader to work with and you’re in the right place. You can always trust an honest manager whose focus is your own growth.

5. Your health and wellness are top priority.

An employee assistance program, affordable health insurance, and a wellness program are a few of the most common ways that really awesome companies encourage their employees to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

6. You get to do hard things (that help you grow).

Challenge is one of the most integral components of engagement and satisfaction at work. That’s because doing challenging things is a key part of personal and professional growth. If you’re consistently given meaningful challenges work – and that means something different for everybody – and also get positive support around you to accomplish those challenges, you’re at a really great place to work.

7. You get to make choices about how you work.

Whether it’s a flexible work schedule, freedom to choose how you do your job or even work remotely if you need to, or valued input into company decisions, autonomy is a characteristic of a great place to work because it’s a sign of trust and transparency.

8. You’re allowed to be a human.

If you’re allowed to express emotion in the workplace and have a bad day when you need one, your employer has decided that they’re okay with humans and not just robot-like workers – and that’s a really positive thing. Even better is whenever you do have your un-perfect moments, you also have support and resources at work to help you get out of your funk.

9. You’re accountable for your actions.

If you complain to your manager or human resources and they say, “What have you done to solve this?” or “What steps can you take today to begin resolving this issue?” you might work for a really awesome company. Accountability is the secret key to engagement, empowerment, and long-term satisfaction – but very few companies know the secret, let alone do it well. Part of accountability is clear communication, which is also an important thing to have at work.

10. You can’t imagine wanting to leave and work anywhere else.

Not to be mistaken for complacency, but if you feel like all is well with work and you’re not feeling like you’re missing anything – and therefore wouldn’t bother considering other job opportunities – then it’s likely that the place you’re at is pretty great.

And there you have it, a solid list of positive markers of an awesome company to work for. To learn more about which employers might be your next awesome place to work and which leave a little something to be desired, do all the research you can before you pursue a company. You can also always use kununu as a resource in doing that; kununu is a company review platform that gives you an inside look into companies before you work there so you can make better career choices.

This article first appeared on Kununu.