10 inspirational movies that will boost productivity at work

We’ve walked into movies and walked out with a different feeling and perspective. Movies have the potential to motivate and influence people’s decisions. Sometimes, movies could be the motivational ladder to our desired success and productivity at work.

So, here in this article, we are listing 10 inspirational movies you should watch to enhance your productivity at work.

1. Fight Club: Detachment and materialism

Fight Club is one film which offers more than just a few lessons about success. However, one of the biggest lessons you can learn from this film is that of emotional detachment and materialism.

According to Tyler Durden: Fight Club is about getting yourself freed from the shackles of modern lifestyle, which emasculates and imprisons and you, by being willing to risk death, give, and receive pain. This is one of those movies which you can watch again, and again, finding a valuable lesson each time.

2. Pumping Iron: Assertion and self-belief

Pumping Iron isn’t just a film for body builders. Not at all. It is a movie for people who like to capture the power of assertion and self-belief in action.

Arnold shares his personal beliefs, mindset, and attitude, in the documentary classic, which keep you inspired as you watch.

3. The Secret: Positive attitude

This movie is based on The Law Of Attraction. Although most people are skeptical about this Law Of Attraction, The Secret portrays a positive philosophy of life.

The movie has a major objective: to help people lead better lives by changing their attitudes. So, for anyone who’s looking for motivation and inspiration, The Secret is a film that perfectly does that.

4. The Social Network: Entitlement

Most people are familiar with the success of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and The Social Network movie.

The movie inspires everyone to feel that they deserve success while showing some drawbacks which a successful person can experience with the creation of legal rows and backstabbing.

5. Yes Man: Seize opportunities

This is a fun movie which everyone can appreciate. Carl Allen, played by Jim Carrey, lives an unfulfilled and average life.

He found himself at a seminar known as ‘Yes,’ and then, his life made an interesting turnaround. The movie will get you thinking about every opportunity you may have lost by saying ‘no.’

6. Limitless: Get things done

Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a procrastinating writer. After being introduced to some new drug, his life took an immediate shift.

You can’t help but to watch this movie..again, and again…and again… And get in on its narcotic action. Instead of using drugs, however, the movie will enlighten and inspire you to think about everything you can be doing with your life.

It’s a film that will arouse you to take action, and yield results in life.

7. The Wolf Of Wall Street: Prosperity And drive

Based on Jordan Belfort’s true story, this movie is one which demonstrates some things that can be bought with money, and others that cannot.

One cannot help to watch The Wolf Of Wall Street and be empowered by the performance of DiCapprio. It is a movie which will make you re-evaluate your life, and get you aiming for better things.

8. The Words: Take control of your work

Another movie which features Bradley Cooper played as a struggling writer. This movie demonstrates how tough success can be, how it can provoke you to throw in the towel, or in this case, copy another person.

The Words will inspire you to take control of your job, and do your best with whatever you have.

9. The Pursuit Of Happyness: Never give up

This is a beautiful movie that will touch you emotionally. Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith, is a salesman who experiences a great struggle financially, becoming homeless.

In Pursuit of Happiness will inspire you never to give up on yourself, and not give room to circumstances destroying your dreams.

10. Good Will Hunting: Competence

This is another touching movie containing inspiring conversations between Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) and Will Hunting (Matthew Damon).

Good Will Hunting is a movie for everyone who’s got talent, but don’t believe themselves deserving of success. It will certainly motivate and prove you competent.


There you have it. A list of 10 movies to boost your productivity at work. Watch these movies at your leisure time, and experience a positive boost almost immediately.