10 great pet friendly companies to work for in the U.S.

Everyone knows that having a dog in the office not only brings stress levels down but is also great for everyone’s wellbeing. But, which companies will let you share your desk with your dog? Look no further, we have found 10 great pet friendly companies in the U.S. for you!

Costco Wholesale

Kununu score: 4.05

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Costco Wholesale is a shopper’s paradise. This membership warehouse club, set up in 1976, offers members quality, brand-name merchandise at really low prices. You may already have seen dogs wandering around the stores, but employees can also bring their service animals to work, and, in some places, also their pets, so what are you waiting for? Make sure you bring it up in your interview!

Employees say: A great company to work for

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Sony Electronics

kununu score: 3.71

Sony Electronics isn’t just home for dogs of the robotic kind, it also allows employees in a number of jobs to bring their furry ones to work too! Sony Electronics was founded in Japan in 1946 with 20 employees and is now a powerhouse for all things electronic, so if you’re looking for a creative, digital workplace for you and your hound – be it real or virtual – this could be the place for you!

Employees say: Working here has been great. I get to use the newest and advanced technologies while also getting to be creative.

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kununu score: 3.14

For Petco, National Pets@Work days are not enough. Petco believes healthier pets make happier people, which makes the world a better place — and that translates to the workplace, too. Since setting up National Pets@Work Day in 2016, Petco has been actively advocating for pet-friendly workplaces and encouraging employees to bring in their pets. “At Petco, we’re experts in celebrating the joy that comes from time spent with the pets we love, and we know firsthand the added benefits of extending that time into our work days – that includes my own yellow lab Yummy’s positive presence in our corporate office,” said Petco CEO Ron Coughlin. “With decades of experience in managing pet-friendly work environments, we’re proud to be a leader in this space and committed to encouraging and helping more employers go pet-friendly too.” So, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly place to work, you can’t go wrong with Petco!

Employees say: It is a nice place with nice people.

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kununu score: 3.89

Starbucks Corporation – the American coffeehouse chain founded in Seattle in 1971 – not only makes “Puppuccinos” for well-behaved pups, it also welcomes four-legged friends belonging to many of its employees in the workplace and offers pet insurance! So if you’re a coffee-fanatic and dog-lover, Starbucks could be a great place for your next job.

Employees say: They have been good to me for the most part

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kununu score: 3.03

Goodwill Industrial Industries Inc., is a non-profit organization that offers job training, career development and other community-based programs for those who struggle to enter the workplace. Working at Goodwill means that you could be working with people with diverse needs and you could bring your four-legged friend along with you, which is sure to brighten everyone’s day.

Employees say: It was a good workplace with great people to work with. They helped me learn the job I had to do

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The Home Depot

kununu score: 3.54

This home improvement chain is known for being dog-friendly in its stores. What you might not know, though, is that The Home Depot is also a pet-friendly employer. It offers nose-to-tail Veterinary Insurance for its employees’ four-legged loved ones, for everything from routine care, like shots and exams, to unexpected expenses, like illnesses and injuries and services like dog-walking and pet-sitting during your vacation!

Employees say: A great place with on the job training and room for advancement

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kununu score: 3.53

Amazon recently opened its doors to four-legged employees! At the retail giant’s Seattle-based headquarters, human employees share their work space with approximately 6,000 pups on any given day. While Amazon employees receive perks like happy hour Fridays, their pups get some cool perks too. Not only do they get to spend the day with their owners, and receive unlimited belly rubs they can also beg to borrow or steal dog treats at every reception desk in the company.

Employees say: It’s a great company to work for.

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kununu score: 3.43

Walmart allows dogs in its 11,527 stores worldwide, but what about those pups belonging to its employees? Well, at some locations, employees are able to share their desks with their dogs! In Bolivar, Mo. they even have a special four-legged employee with her own name tag and vest with Walmart logo on it, called Henley.

Employees say: It is a pretty good job. I don’t recommend this job if you have a large family to support.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

kununu score: 3.29

At multinational IT company – Hewlett Packard, the D in BYOD no longer stands for Device, but also Dog, as many employees can take their furry companions to work with them. Hewlett Packard is also one of around 5,000 U.S. companies that has started offering pet insurance for its employees’ canine, feline and reptilian friends.

Employees say: If you want to grow not only as a person but your mind, I’d suggest working with HP!

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kununu score: 2.69

Do you live for customer-oriented solutions? Teleperformance works to connect brands with their customers with customer support, digital solutions and other specialized services. It could also be just the place for you and your dog as pups are allowed in some offices throughout the U.S. You could be sharing a desk with your furry friend very soon.

Employees say: I love working with them great and happy environment

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