10 challenges that entrepreneurs face

Starting a new business is a risky task and entrepreneurs face many challenges every day. Below you can find 10 of them.

Career Change

Abandoning your current career to become an entrepreneur can be very risky for an individual. Especially, if you reached a certain point at your career, then leaving everything behind to start from zero is a great challenge.

Financing his/her Own Life

An individual who wants to become an entrepreneur should have some savings aside in order to continue his/her living.

Dealing with Ambiguity

Founding a new business is full of uncertainties and challenges. Therefore, an individual should be able to deal with all of these ambiguities.

Working Alone

After getting used to working in an office environment with coworkers, an entrepreneur may feel lonely at the beginning of his/her journey. Therefore, in order to overcome this loneliness s/he may prefer to work in co-working spaces or in coffee shops.

Making Decisions

If you are a solo entrepreneur or 2 co-founders, making decisions might be very hard because if one of the founders accepts the decision and the other one rejects, how will the decision be made?

Bootstrapping Business

An individual who wants to become an entrepreneur should bootstrap his/her own business at the beginning and control cash flows very carefully. Especially, the entrepreneur should keep away from unnecessary expenses which will not add value to the business.

Avoid Burnout

Entrepreneurs should devote the majority of their time to their new businesses but this doesn’t mean that they will not have any social lives or any time to relax. Everybody needs downtime to recharge and refresh their minds.

Getting Investment

Getting investment and raising capital for a new business is one of the toughest challenges that entrepreneurs need to face. An entrepreneur should be prepared for rejection and keep in mind that getting rejected is not the end of the world.

Getting Customers

Most customers will want to see references before making business with you but how can you get your first customer without any references? Perhaps, an entrepreneur can try the freemium model and offer some of the features of his/her product for free to build strong references and then, start charging new customers.

Building a Brand

No matter what you do as an entrepreneur, you should definitely build a strong brand from day one. Only then, you can really grow your business and become a real entrepreneur.

This article first appeared on Personal Branding Blog.