The 10 best products for new working parents

Staying focused and productive at work can be a challenge for anybody. But, it becomes especially tough for new parents.

Getting any work done when you’re a new parent can feel like an insurmountable challenge. The good news is this: new parents, you’re not alone. It’s a common struggle. And, because of that, plenty of companies are innovating and releasing products that help to make the lives of new parents at least a little bit easier—giving you more sleep, time, and mental clarity to focus on your work.

For example, just look at this prototype that Ford recently introduced. It’s a crib that mimics the motion of a real car, meaning your baby can doze off comfortably—and you can catch some z’s yourself, without those middle-of-the-night drives around the neighborhood.

What else is out there to help you power through your work and take your career to the next level—even when you’re a parent to a brand new (screaming) bundle of joy? Here are a few awesome products that every working parent should have.

Get Some Sleep

1. Baby Shusher

Price: $34.99

What it Does: This noise machine plays rhythmic sounds like the ones that your infant would hear in the womb. It’ll soothe your baby—meaning you can get some sleep yourself.

2. Snoo Smart Sleeper

Price: $1,160

What it Does: It gently rocks your infant, and even chooses the best motion for your baby—a slow swing for sleep and a faster jiggle for little fits. There’s also a built-in swaddle and noise machine. Yes, that’s a hefty price tag. But if you’re missing a lot of sleep and you’re looking for a sleeper with all sorts of helpful bells and whistles, this one might just fit the bill.

3. Ellie

Price: $77

What it Does: Any new parent will tell you that those sleepless nights aren’t totally the fault of a screaming baby. Many newbie moms and dads are also up all night worrying. Is your baby still breathing? What was that little cough? Did you expose his or her little immune system to too many germs? Disinfecting everything will give you the peace of mind necessary to sleep restfully. But, it doesn’t need to involve endless sanitizing wipes. Instead, use this UV light technology to eliminate 99.9% of germs within 60 seconds.

Save Time

4. Tile

Price: Starting at $25

What it Does: Every sleep-deprived new parent is familiar with that race around the house to find their wallet, phone, keys, or anything else that has gotten lost in the shuffle—or misplaced by their little ones. Tile is a Bluetooth tracking system that attaches to things you frequently lose and helps you easily find anything—including where you parked your car. Press a button any of your Tiles, and your phone will ring—even on silent.

5. iiamo Self-Heating Bottle

Price: $35 + heating cartridges

What it Does: Are you far from a microwave where you can heat up your baby’s formula? Don’t panic. This self-heating bottle can warm up six ounces of milk to 98.6 degrees in just four minutes—meaning you can take your baby out of the house, without that desperate search for a hot plate or stove. However, take note: you do need to order the heating cartridges separately.

6. OXO Roll-Up Bib

Price: $13

What it Does: Any parent will tell you how much time they spend each day sweeping up under their baby’s high chair. Save yourself some time (and a mess) with this roll-up bib. The handy silicone tray will catch all of those inevitable crumbs for you, so that you can get out of the kitchen and into your office.

7. Pocket Nanny

Price: $22

What it Does: From naps to feedings to diaper changes to medications, there’s plenty to keep track of as a parent. Fortunately, this handy pocket nanny will do it all for you. You can get all of that stuff recorded and out of your mind, meaning you can turn your focus back to your work!

Go Hands-Free

8. Solly Baby Wrap

Price: $65

What it Does: If you want to sit at your computer and crank out some work—without needing to leave your infant seated in a swing—baby wearing is the perfect solution to keep your baby with you, while still having your hands free to tap out some emails. Bonus: it’s comfortable—for both you and your baby.

9. Ba Original Baby Bottle Holder

Price: $16

What it Does: Feel like your hands are permanently glued to a bottle? With this useful contraption that fits around the baby bottle, your infant’s small hands can grasp it for themselves and free you up to work on other things. When your infant outgrows bottle feeding, it can also be used as a soft toy.

10. 4moms mamaRoo Baby Swing

Price: $220

What it Does: An infant swing is a total lifesaver for parents who need a few minutes to get things done, without leaving their babies totally unattended. Just buckle your baby into this innovative swing that mimics your own motions.