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Zymeworks High Paying Jobs, Compensation Information and Expert Network Connections

lightbulbWhat are the highest paying jobs at Zymeworks?

Zymeworks Inc. is a publicly held biotechnology company based in Vancouver,

British Columbia, that develops protein therapeutics for the treatment of cancer as well as for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The products are based upon the company's molecular modeling software for optimizing protein structure. In 2014, Zymeworks raised $44 million across various funding rounds according to PitchBook, placing it among the top 10 HealthTech businesses in the world to raise the most capital that year. In May 2017, Zymeworks held an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange, raising $59 million. This was the largest Canadian biotech IPO in more than a decade. By alphabetical order, Zymeworks is the last company on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In May 2019, Zymeworks announced that GSK has expanded its 2016 licensing and collaboration agreement for the research, development and commercialization of bispecific antibodies across multiple disease areas.The extended agreement has meant that GSK can have access to Zymeworks' heavy-light chain pairing technology, which enables the development of bispecific and multifunctional therapeutics.

In September 2019, Zymeworks announced that, following their clinical trials, it has been confirmed that their ZW25 monotherapy can provide durable disease control in patients with a variety of HER2-expressing solid tumors that have progressed following standard of care treatments.

Highest paying job titles at Zymeworks include Enterprise Architect, Healthcare Director, and Principal Scientist


Market Cap$1 billion
Revenue$38.9 million
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+32.2%
Net Income-$180.5 million
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Zymeworks Compensation

Enterprise Architect



Average Compensation:$NaN

Healthcare Director



Average Compensation:$125,000

Principal Scientist



Average Compensation:$105,000

Senior DevOps Engineer



Average Compensation:$90,000

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