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Parasoft (officially Parasoft Corporation) is an independent software testing and software quality assurance tool and solution vendor with headquarters in Monrovia, California. It was founded in 1987 by five graduates of the California Institute of Technology who had been working on Caltech Cosmic Cube. The most recent awards/recognitions received were being named "leader" in Forresters Functional Test Automation Tools evaluation and vokes Service Virtualization Market Mover Array, receiving the Jolt Grand Prize Award for Parasoft Virtualize, Parasofts service virtualization technology and receiving the Embeddy Award for most cutting edge product for embedded software developers & engineers. Parasoft joined the Eclipse Consortium board of stewards in 2002. Parasoft develops automated defect prevention technologies that support the Automated Defect Prevention methodology developed by Adam Kolawa. These technologies automate a number of defect prevention practices for Java, C and C++, and .NET. The static code analysis practice identifies coding issues that lead to security, reliability, performance, and maintainability issues later on. In 1996, Parasoft submitted a patent application for their rule-based static code analysis. Since then, the original static analysis technology has been extended to include security static analysis, data flow analysis, and software metrics. In 1996, Parasoft submitted patent applications for technology that automatically generates unit test cases. Since then, the original unit testing technology has been extended to include code coverage analysis, regression testing, and traceability. The peer code review practice involves manually inspecting source code to examine algorithms, review design, and search for subtle errors that automated tools cannot detect. Although the peer inspection itself cannot be automated, peer code reviews preparation, notification, and tracking can be automated.