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Hub Group is a transportation management company in North America, providing intermodal, truck brokerage and logistics services. As a publicly traded company with over $3.5 billion in revenue, the company owns two subsidiaries: Mode Transportation, a third party logistics company; and Hub Group Trucking, which provides intermodal freight transport and drayage services. Hub Group was founded in 1971 by Phillip Yeager. The company went public in 1996 and is traded on the NASDAQ exchange. David Yeager, son of Phillip Yeager, serves as Hub Group chairman and chief executive officer. The company is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.

In 1971, Phillip and Joyce founded Hub Group in Hinsdale, Illinois. The company was started with $10,000 and was located in a windowless, one-room office above a flower shop. The 43-year-old Phillip Yeager quit his job at the Pennsylvania Railroad, where he had worked for 19 years, to create Hub Group. At the time of its formation, Hub City Terminals worked as a shipper's agent, which was an intermediary that booked intermodal transportation with railroads.

In 1975, Yeager and his wife set up a series of S corporations to expand their business. Each office operated separately and had its own profit and loss center.

Hub City Terminals was renamed Hub Group in 1985.


Market Cap$2 billion
Revenue$3.4 billion
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Net Income$79.1 million
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