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In computing, Hazelcast is an open source in-memory data grid based on Java. It is also the name of the company developing the product. The Hazelcast company is funded by venture capital. In a Hazelcast grid, data is evenly distributed among the nodes of a computer cluster, allowing for horizontal scaling of processing and available storage. Backups are also distributed among nodes to protect against failure of any single node. Hazelcast provides central, predictable scaling of applications through in-memory access to frequently used data and across an elastically scalable data grid. These techniques reduce the query load on databases and improve speed. Hazelcast can run on-premise, in the cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift), virtually (VMWare), and in Docker containers. Hazelcast offers technology integrations for multiple cloud configuration and deployment technologies, including Apache jclouds, Consul, etcd, Eureka, Kubernetes, and Zookeeper. The Hazelcast Cloud Discovery Service Provider Interface (SPI) enables cloud-based or on-premise nodes to auto-discover each other.


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