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Forcepoint, previously known as Websense and Raytheon|Websense, is an Austin-based company owned by US defense contractor Raytheon, in a joint venture with private equity firm Vista Equity Partners, specializing in computer security software. It offers businesses and government institutions services for content security[disambiguation needed], data protection, cloud security, network security, analytics, webfiltering, and cross domain access and transfer to protect organizations networks from cybercrime, malware, and data theft, as well as prevent users from viewing sexual or other inappropriate content and discourage employees from browsing non-business-related websites. Forcepoint uses a combination of classification engines, filtering categories, data fingerprints, and word filters selected by customers. Forcepoint was founded by Phil Trubey in 1994, and went public in the year 2000. Forcepoint offers security services. In October 2011 Facebook began working with Forcepoint to assist Facebook in filtering links to malicious websites and malware sites.

Highest paying job titles at Forcepoint include Cyber Security Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and Senior Software Engineer


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Cyber Security Engineer



Average Salary:$145,313

DevOps Engineer



Average Salary:$107,000

Senior Software Engineer



Average Salary:$135,000

Curriculum Developer



Average Salary:$163,333

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