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Couchbase High Paying Jobs, Compensation Information and Expert Network Connections

lightbulbWhat are the highest paying jobs at Couchbase?

Couchbase, Inc. is a public software company that develops and provides commercial packages and support for Couchbase Server and Couchbase Lite both of which are open-source, NoSQL, multi-model, document-oriented database software packages that store JSON documents or a pure key-value database. The company has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California and offices in San Francisco, Bangalore and the United Kingdom.

NorthScale was founded in 2009, and in March 2010 announced $5 million in funding from Accel Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.

Original officers listed were James Phillips, Steve Yen and Dustin Sallings, who were involved in the development of memcached.

In May, 2010, a $10 million investment led by the Mayfield Fund was announced for NorthScale, and Bob Wiederhold replaced Phillips as chief executive.

Some time later in 2010, NorthScale was renamed Membase, Incorporated.

CouchOne Inc. was also founded in 2009 as Relaxed, in Berkeley, California. It developed and provided commercial support for the Apache CouchDB open source project, a document database.

Initial funding was $2 million, including investor Redpoint Ventures.

Couchbase, Inc. was created through the merger of Membase and CouchOne in February 2011. The merged company aimed to build an easily scalable, high-performance document-oriented database system, marketed with the term NoSQL.

In August, 2011, a $14 million funding was led by Ignition Partners.

Highest paying job titles at Couchbase include Account Executive, Software Engineer, and Sales Director


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Top Experts at Couchbase

Couchbase Compensation

Account Executive



Average Compensation:$90,000

Software Engineer



Average Compensation:$111,000

Sales Director



Average Compensation:$200,000

Senior Accountant



Average Compensation:$NaN

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