Your phone is first-date kryptonite

Leave your cell phone games behind when you go on a first date.

Texting or being distracted by your phone is by far the biggest turnoff for men (69%) and women (70%) alike out of anything you can do on a first date, according to poll results by YouGov.

It even ranked far above the crime of using misleading photos in an online dating profile (52% for men and 43% for women.)

A quarter of men said they would be completely fed up if their date took photos of their food or drink to post to social media. Women were more forgiving – only 15% minded a tabletop photoshoot.

Other, lesser first-date offenses included chewing too loudly, hogging the conversation, being late, and not offering to pay or split the bill.

After the date is over, keep in mind that if you do something with your phone to get rejected as a dating candidate, you will most likely be rejected via phone, ironically.

One-third of Americans said that if they weren’t interested in a second date and they felt the other side was, they’d shoot them a quick “not interested, sorry” text. Ooh, burn. Yet, 38% of people said they’d prefer a text over a phone call.

A quarter said they’d call them to politely inform them they wouldn’t be having another date. Awkward.

And a choice 13% said their style was to just stop replying to the other person’s calls or emails. (Also called “ghosting.”)

For best results, turn off your phone until you’re confirmed the status of your relationship and you’re absolutely sure that you two are boyfriend-girlfriend.

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