Your Job Search Just Got Easier

Simplify your job-search with the new app from Ladders.

Job Search by Ladders Mobile App

What do you do while standing 15-deep in line at Starbucks each morning? If you’re like me, you’re probably playing Candy Crush or scrolling through headlines on CNN. However, if you’re like  75% of the American population  who are either actively job seeking or open to hearing about new opportunities, you should check out this new, free app the next time you’re bored in line. It won’t make the line move faster, but it will certainly save you time in your job search!

It’s called  Job Search by Ladders. In a nutshell, you provide information about your background and target job, and the minute a position is posted that fits your goals, it’s delivered to your smartphone. It’s that simple. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or just want to see what opportunities are out there, this app is a game-changer for the mobile job search as we know it.

Spend less time searching

Your searching days are over. While searching is crucial in a desktop job-search experience, searching on a phone feels clumsy and consumes more time than it saves.  With the app, all you need to do to find job matches is provide information about your career history and areas of expertise, and the app delivers relevant job opportunities to you as soon as employers post them. The iOS developers at Ladders understand that you aren’t an expert in Boolean search logic, so they removed this part of the job-search equation, and now you receive better matches without all the typing.

Find your competitive edge

The next important development in the app is Scout, a tool that allows you to see the anonymous qualifications of other job seekers who already applied to positions you’re viewing. By analyzing others’ skills, education level, salary and experience, you can get a good idea of what your chances for an interview are.

Job seekers are notorious for applying to positions they’re not qualified for, and with Scout you can use this to your advantage. By viewing your competitors’ backgrounds, you can identify where they lack the skills recruiters require for positions. If you have these skills, they could be your key to an interview. This can be highlighted in your resume’s summary or cover letter to immediately draw attention to your unique candidacy. 

Scout also enables you to view job matches to which your competition applied. With this feature you will be matched with a broader range of positions for more job opportunities.

Make connections with recruiters

The final unique goal of the app is to help eliminate the “black hole” many job seekers find themselves in – submitting resume after resume without any positive or negative feedback. If you “like” a job that one of the 40,000+ recruiters on Ladders posted, they’ll get a heads-up that you’ve shown an interest in that job. You’ll be emailed a link to apply to the position later, and by the time you return to this link to apply to the job, you may be surprised to see the recruiter has already reached out to you.

Make better use of your time

The next time you find yourself in line at the store or sitting in on a long conference call, try to make better use of that down time with Job Search by Ladders. You’re delivered jobs that you know are fresh, and even if you’re a passive job seeker it’s worth taking a look every now and then to see what opportunities are waiting for you in the app. Who knows, your next job may find you!