Your dream vacation destination, according to your zodiac sign

Rather than painstakingly researching destinations, what if you decided to just trust in the stars to lead you to your next vacation? It’s not such a crazy idea: If we’re honest, we consult our horoscopes for pretty much every major decision already, so why not let the zodiac inform our travel plans? From balmy islands to snow-capped mountains, busy cities to rural farmland, here’s the best place to visit based on your star sign.


Zurich, Switzerland: Guten tag, Aries friends! This fire sign is known for being tempestuous and argumentative, so what better way to vacation than in the most neutral, pleasant country of them all? We recommend Zurich in particular for a visit to its Widder Hotel, where Aries will find tributes everywhere to their own kind, as “widder” translates in English to ram. (We’re especially fond of the sculpted topiaries.) Plus, Widder Garage and Widder Bar & Kitchen become quite the scene at sundown, so you won’t need to travel far to sample the local nightlife.


Shenandoah Valley, VA and WV: Practical, grounded, and pretty laid-back (unless someone messes with them), this zodiac sign tends to be overlooked and underrated, just like this region of the Virginias. We know all about New Orleans and Charleston, but the Shenandoah Valley is the perfect destination for a Taurus — and not just because bulls roam free on the area’s many ranches. Tauruses have an eye for beauty (and gardening), which means they’ll appreciate the Blue Ridge Mountains and the charming historic inns in the region (including the Blackburn Inn). Since they’re good with their finances, they’ll also appreciate not having to book an international flight.


Quintana Roo, Mexico: The Geminis are the twins of the zodiac, and they require a trip that’s just as dual-sided. Nowhere is there a more pronounced juxtaposition of vacation vibes than in Quintana Roo, home to Tulum, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen. Head to Cancun to party like it’s spring break and you just turned 21, indulge in your inner hippie on the beach in Tulum, or visit Playa del Carmen for a mixture of both. The ultimate Gemini itinerary? A stay at Panama Jack Resort in Cancun paired with a day trip to Chichen Itza via Cancun Passion. History and heritage by day, cocktails and Caribbean by night: Who says you can’t have it both ways?


Kauai, HI: Cancer crabs are known to retreat into their hard shells at the smallest slight, so there’s no better place to take the edge off than the wondrous island of Kauai. The most secretly emotional of creatures will find salvation in the spirituality of the island, where double rainbows and breaching humpback whales are enough to make any traveler believe there is a higher force (one that supposedly has a reason for your last terrible breakup). These water signs are also known to hold a grudge for centuries, so they’ll fit right in on the Kauai coast, where the gods are said to exact punishment on any trespasser who dares to remove a rock or a shell from the sacred island. Stay at the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort to indulge in shaved ice and mai tais while watching the sunset.


Serengeti, Kenya: As the lion king (or kween) of the zodiac, there’s no better place for our Leo travelers than among their own kind in the Serengeti. Embarking on a safari in southwest Kenya is guaranteed to get you your most Instagram likes ever — because what self-respecting Leo doesn’t love attention? Plus, Kenya Airways is launching its first-ever direct flight from New York City to Nairobi later this month, so the timing has never been better for this fire sign to bless the rains.


US Virgin IslandsWhat destination is flawless enough for the sign of Beyoncé, aside from a villa in the US Virgin Islands? As an earth sign, Virgos will appreciate the mountainous greenery of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. Rent a villa with friends, or take a solo trip as an independent woman to a place on earth that’s just as perfect as you are. Seriously, the sunrises are unreal, making it the ideal place to reconnect with your immortal maiden self.


Vienna, Austria: Libras require the excitement of a city, not the mellowness of the countryside, to satisfy their party animal needs. So it’s only fitting that this beauty-conscious air sign should spend their season in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Vienna. From the endless balls held every year to the legendary café culture, there’s no shortage of social activities to appease the zodiac’s queen of small talk. Plus, for a Libra, not getting enough Instagram likes is a fate (almost) worse than death, and the #AccidentallyWesAnderson palaces provide the perfect backdrop to their well-edited selfies.


BelizeIt’s no longer a secret that Scorpios are in their feelings 24/7. The depth of their emotions is probably rivaled only by the Great Blue Hole of Belize, a natural phenomenon that, much like Scorpios themselves, is unexpected but spectacular. Not only is Belize home to many kinds of (venomous) scorpions, it’s less overexposed than other tropical getaways. The Instagram geotags will lend the entire trip the kind of mystery and intrigue that most Scorpios can only dream about when stuck at their desk (and stalking their exes via finsta accounts, of course).


Reno, NV: This fun-loving fire sign is the most excitable traveler in the zodiac, always popping up where they’re least expected. The zodiac’s archer lives life like it’s a festival all year round, which is why Reno is perfect for these impulsive travelers. They can relish the Burning Man art and street murals before exploring the Nevada Museum of Art (and observing their fellow archers depicted in the Art of the Greater West exhibit on display through January 2020). If the spirit moves them, they might decide to risk their travel entertainment budget on the slot machines at the Grand Sierra Resort. And, to quote fellow free spirit Jerry Garcia, maybe the next morning they’ll set out from Reno and be trailed by 20 hounds.


Pontresina, Switzerland: Capricorns tend to get a lot of shade from astrologers. We’re no fun; we work too hard; we need to learn to just relax. (Full disclosure: I myself am a Capricorn.) But there’s more to this earth sign than just deadlines, and Capricorns should travel to Switzerland’s Engadin Valley to finally feel appreciated for our strengths. It’s not coincidental that our sign is the goat (as in Greatest Of All Time), which is the symbol of this region, and in these mountains, Capricorns can hike, bike, and ski to our hearts’ content. If you’re feeling flush, we recommend staying in the Grand Hotel Kronenhof. Capricorns work tirelessly for that hard-earned money, so why not spend it in style?


Pacific NorthwestWhere else should the water-bearer of the zodiac vacation than the Pacific Northwest? Washington state, in particular, is well-suited for the Aquarius who craves alone time as much as they crave the variety that can be found in the vineyards, boating, art galleries, and restaurants around Seattle. If the city itself is a bit too expected for the water sign that walks to the beat of their own drum, we recommend crossing Lake Washington to book a stay at the W Bellevue. Revel in the gorgeous cabin-chic decor that you were first among your friends to discover, and prepare to take moody selfies at dusk on the waterfront — trust us, the whole trip will be extremely on-brand.


Lake Tahoe, CA & NV: The most emotional of water signs, sensitive Pisces are apt to get their feelings hurt. Which is why Lake Tahoe is perfect for these serenity-loving fish — it’s one of the most picturesque destinations on the planet, and there’s simply no better place to swim in your bottomless sea of emotions (the deepest part of the lake is 1,645 feet). There are no terrifying saltwater predators like sharks to get nervous about, and the lake is 22 miles wide, so there’s more than enough space for you to be alone and mellow out from your usually anxious thoughts.

Final note: If you’re not happy with your recommendation, be sure to check out your rising sign as well! Susan Miller did recommend reading both.

This article was originally published on Brit + Co.