You could have your resume plastered all over a race car if you win this contest

Looking to get noticed by potential employers? Well, this is certainly one way to do it. Natural Light AKA Natty Light, the popular millennial beer brand, is now hoping to help their consumers get a job by turning their resumes into a NASCAR paint scheme that will appear on Chris Buescher’s #37 race car at the South Point 400 in Las Vegas on September 16. Everything from work experience, skills, contact info, and a headshot will be painted on the car. Even if the car comes in dead last, the winning resume will not.

But if you think this wasn’t heavily researched, you would be wrong. In partnership with Censuswide, after surveying 1,000+ employers across America and 4-in-5 agreed applicants need to find new ways to stand out when applying for jobs. And if having your resume make 267 laps around a race course then what is? “Between the cut-throat job market and the crippling college debt that continues to grow in America, there’s never been more pressure for our drinkers when entering the real world. So, we decided this paint scheme should be an opportunity for a recent grad to stand out in the stack of resumes,” said Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch.

Job seekers are getting very creative

Well, you could do what recent college grad David Casarez did and stand on a corner and hand out resumes. Though he has a great resume after moving to Silicon Valley to look for tech work he ran out of money so he realized he had to get creative when it came to getting his resume out there. He now has an inbox full of job offers.

But if you would rather the Nacar option then any person over the age of 21 can apply by: