You can now get paid to watch TV during the Coronavirus outbreak

Does the coronavirus have you holed up in your home? Looking for something to watch and get paid to do so? How about Ozark?

With Americans being advised to social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed more than 9,000 deaths and infected more than 225,000 people across the globe, it might be a wise decision to make some money to satisfy your boredom.

Ozark, the crime thriller featuring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, returns for season three on March 27, and one is looking to pay someone to watch the first two seasons. wants to give someone the chance to watch about 20 hours of the hit Netflix show for $1,000.

With the first episode airing in July 2017, a lucky viewer will get to watch Marty and his family navigate territories not normally explored when Marty’s business partner is killed by the cartel after they are suspected of skimming money. While Marty was next, he managed to save his life by promising to launder $500 million in five years out of the Ozarks as a way to pay back the loss.

One lucky fan will land the gig and be given 17 days to watch the first two seasons of Ozark, which are 20 episodes combined. In addition to a cool $1,000, the selected viewer will win a Netflix gift card, Ozark swag, and can complete the dream job from anywhere they want, according to the press release.

Applicants are asked to fill out a short questionnaire explaining why they are Ozark’s biggest fan, with a video submission as an optional form of entry. The deadline for the application is on Friday, March 27.