You can lower stress by blessing your stress

A small shift in your view of “stress” could make a huge difference in your lifeline.

In 2012, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison performed a fascinating study on stress with about 28,000 people.

The study found that having a lot of stress was not linked with premature death. But … having a combo of a lot of stress – and also having a belief system that it was hurting your health – increased risk of premature death by 43%.

The Inside Scoop:

Three different groups of people were asked to talk in front of a group of unfriendly evaluators, followed by a tricky word test.

Before this plotted stress test started …

  • The first group was told to play video games.
  • The second group was taught to ignore stressful thoughts.
  • The third group was given some unusual info about the benefits of stress. They were told how the body’s “stress response” evolved to help people succeed – and that stress’ symptoms (higher heart rate, faster breathing
    and internal jitters) were all tools for making you stronger, faster, smarter, better.
  • The third group – which learned to “bless their stress”  – did far better on the stress test.   They gave better speeches and were rated as more confident. Plus their “physiological indicators” showed that they were also managing their stress response far better than the other 2 groups.

Your assignment:

  • Stop thinking: Stress is increasing my risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack.
  • Start thinking: Stress is helping my heart to work harder. Plus it’s speeding up my breathing so more oxygen gets to my brain and I can thereby think more clearly.

The above is an excerpt from the bestselling longevity, “Life is Long: 50+ways to live a little closer to forever,” by Karen Salmansohn, founder of