People who work in this industry tend to have the worst burnout

Everyone likely experiences burnout, but working in accommodation or food services makes you more susceptible than other professions, while others are even proud of it, according to new data.

The Sleep Judge took a look at nearly 1,000 employees and examined how they deal with work burnout. Work Burnout, according to the Mayo Clinic, is work-related stress that comes via physical or emotional exhaustion that can make one feel reduced accomplishment and even feel a loss of personal identity.

Those working in accommodation and food services averaged the highest burnout while others in public administration, professional and education services, and transportation and warehousing were tightly behind. Seventeen percent in transportation and warehousing reported suffering extreme burnout, the highest out of any profession, followed by retail trade (16%) and public administration (15%).

Some factors that lead to burnout include dysfunctional workplace, dealing with co-workers, and having a feeling of lack of control, according to the study.

The study claims that those who experienced work burnout experience a “higher degree of mental burnout than physical burnout.” Wholesale trade and accommodation and food services were professions that experienced the most mental and physical burnout at work.

Even some were proud of their work burnout. Twenty-eight percent in services like waste management and administration and support reported wearing their work burnout on their chest. More than a quarter in construction and manufacturing also said they were proud. When looking at generations, Millennials were the proudest (15%) while just 4% of Baby Boomers felt the same way.