Work Hacks: 5 Free Digital Resources to Help You Get Ahead

Utilize these five innovative resources – among the dozens posted daily on – to help you work smarter, not harder.

It seems as if there are a gazillion new apps, websites and general resources popping up online every day. While your average, hard-working professional might not have the time to sift through the never-ending flow of new product releases, the good people at Product Hunt have helped crowdsource this dilemma. New products are ranked daily by its community, with curated lists of the best new products for “__”, many of which are free tools designed to save you time and effort in your hectic work schedule. A concept we’d likely all upvote.
We all know just how valuable a new app or tool can be in making our lives more productive. It’s also extremely satisfying to know about something none of your competitors have heard of! In fact, swapout “competitors” with any other noun and this logic likley holds.

Here are five resources that we invite you to try out.

If you’re in need of salary and career insights, we’ve also got you covered.


Stay up-to-date on tech trends with Product Hunt collections.

Every day the Product Hunt team discovers new, free tools, organizing their selections into collections. Each collection features products relevant to a specific work theme: for example, “free resources for startups.”

You can browse though collections and products, and bookmark your favorites using your very own Pocket via their site. That way you won’t forget the tools most useful to you.

Sign up to Product Hunt’s Daily Digest so you never miss a post or freebie. Join in on the lively discussions, or even submit your own suggestions for tools that you’ve found. Don’t miss out on reading the recommendations and reviews that can help you find your new favorite virtual tool faster!

2 Write lightning-fast emails with Gorgias.

You spend so much time responding to emails that anything capable of simplifying this repetitive task could instantly add hours to your workday. Discover Gorgias, an extension plug-in for your Chrome browser. To respond to an email, simply choose from a library of standard responses you can build using a simple template.

Though the personal version is free, the real power is in the premium team version. You can standardize approved responses with your team in order to achieve a smooth and consistent tone throughout emails.

3 Find and design free, beautiful photos with Stock Up and Canva.

Trying to find that perfect stock image to accompany an article or presentation can take hours. There are too many sites – and photos — to navigate through without a plan of action. Stock Up can be your go-to stock photo resource. Think of Stock Up as the Google of royalty-free images; the search tool shows you images for any theme taken from more than 21 different stock photo sites.

While we’re on the subject of images, graphics and design, check out Canva. The site allows anyone to quickly create original designs, as well as alter photos.

4 Automate tedious documents and forms with Free Invoice Generator and Docracy.

Forget about agonizing over another template in Microsoft Word. Create your invoice instantly online and download it as a PDF with this Free Invoice Generator.

You can also check out the vast collection of legal documents and contracts at Docracy. The site allows you to electronically sign documents on-site to make them legally valid.

5 Stay focused and tune out distractions with Noisli and Coffitivity.

Create a curtain of soothing soundtracks to cancel out irritating sounds with the help of the web-based and mobile app Noisli. Create your very own mixing deck and select from a range of themes, such as “flowing water”, “forest birdsong”, etc. Or, if you work better against a backdrop of coffee shop sounds, try one from Paris or Brazil at Coffitivity. You can even go one step further and temporarily block websites that distract you with Cold Turkey.

Check out these five resources to get you started. And don’t forget to browse through Product Hunt regularly – new products are released, reviewed and voted on every day!