Will the quarantine beard survive going back to the office?

As Americans continue to live in quarantine, people are starting to stretch their legs back into normal life as cities reopen around the country. New York City recently entered phrase one of reopening, which allowed businesses to offer curbside pickup and restarted construction and manufacturing options. While phase two allows other places like barbershops and salons to reopen with restrictions, offices can also reopen.

The idea of returning to work may not be as pressing to some workplaces, as companies have extended work-from-home measures through the rest of the year, but it’s time to start thinking about some of your quarantine projects and how they’ll translate in the workplace.

For men, that means deciding whether or not your quarantine beard is coming back with you to the office.

As seen on political figures like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, men have been growing out their beards and hair while locked in quarantine. And while it’s been as common of sight as the quarantine buzzcut, can workers just stroll back into the office completely ungroomed?

Beards and facial hair do serve a purpose at the office. Research has found that nearly all employees believe facial hair is appropriate in the office, but will offices welcome looks out of “Duck Dynasty” or even neards, which is an intentional growth of hair below the neckline, according to Urban Dictionary.

If HR protocols for post-COVID are any indication, it could mean that quarantine beards are here to stay. Some HR experts said that dress codes could be less strict since offices will look to ease employees’ tension when returning to work after the pandemic.