Why your next vacation may be a runcation

When most people think of vacation they think of departing from their everyday routine. The rushed breakfast, the mundane commute, and, of course, exercising. However, for others, a vacation that revolves around exercise is a dream come true. That is why runcations have become all the rage in the last few years. A runcation is a trip planned around a specific run or race.

According to a new Well + Good survey of 4,600 people, 94% of travelers prioritize high-quality fitness offerings when choosing a trip to take and almost 44% look for a place that involves nature. With people working more than ever these days, vacations are expected to be more purposeful than they used to be. The photos you share of the vacation are now currency and making fitness a component of that makes them even more valuable.

Plus revolving your vacation around a race or run gives you a great excuse to indulge in all the local cuisine. Jordi Lippe-McGraw, a writer for Condé Nast Traveler,  said the race can be the focal point of the trip, but it isn’t everything. “Pick three to five top things in that city that you want to see or do and make your itinerary before you leave and that way you have a perfect way to spend a great weekend after the race,” she said.

And hotels are getting in on this trend. Westin Hotels & Resorts recently launched runWESTIN, a portfolio of run focused amenities and partnerships that help provide the best accommodations possible for runners who are traveling for a race or training on the go. Westin has a Gear Lending program with New Balance and it also has more than 225 Run Concierges globally, who host group runs for guests specifically designed around scenic routes through cities, beachfronts and rural landscapes. Starwood Hotels also has a similar platform. 

Making fitness more accessible for travelers is becoming more and more popular and important (in 2016 U.S. travelers took 458.9 million domestic business trips and this is expected to reach 478.2 million by 2020.)  Workout brands are teaming up with hotels like Peloton and Westin and The W Hotels of New York which have teamed up with The Mile High Running Club, Barre None and Swerve Fitness.

Runcations are a part of this growing trend, as traveling for races and marathons becomes increasingly popular the great majority of runners travel for races as a great way to explore a new destination or a fun incentive to stay active and/or keep themselves motivated in their training.

And if you find yourself on a runcation in New York (on the West Side Highway) or Chicago (2401 N. Lake Shore Drive) this fall you can pick up running gear and necessities mid-run at Lululemon’s first-ever digital vending machine. the Lululemon run stop shop. It includes clothing, band-aids, gloves, hats, and hair ties and it’s free (you just have to provide your email)!