Why you should incorporate video into your marketing strategy

Marketers, 78% of people watch online video every week. Have you added video to your content strategy?

When it comes to content marketing mediums, video is king. According to HighQ, 78% of people watch video online every week and 55% of people watch video online everyday. There is no better way to tell your brand’s story. And in today’s digital video landscape, there are so many different ways to tell your story. From big budget, multi-camera productions with multi-channel distribution to simple, highly-targeted videos using the hottest new apps.

Every marketer has a story to tell. So, how do you know which digital video medium will work best? The answer is simple: follow your audience. Are they on major social networks or niche social networks? A news site or a sports site? Will your content be targeted to a specific audience or do you need it to scale?

A study by IAB shows that these are questions marketers should be asking. IAB believes content marketing budgets, specifically in the area of digital video, will continue to grow through 2015. Their study shows that 64% of marketers anticipate increasing their digital video ad spend in the next 12 months.

For small marketing teams with tiny budgets, targeted campaigns on one or two social video platforms is a good place to start. With a small budget you can produce a video for Instagram and promote it on Facebook or produce a video for Vine and promote it on Twitter.

Have a bigger budget? Need your content to scale? You will need a multi-platform approach. Utilizing platform agnostic video services like YouTube and Livestream means your video plays across multiple devices and social networks.

How are you planning on utilizing digital video in your content strategy? Shoot me a tweet or connect with me on LinkedIn, I would love to know.