Why I can’t stand the phrase, ‘I don’t disagree’

I don’t often drop the words “pet peeve,” but I can’t hold back when I discuss the next topic.

Here it goes: I groan when I hear people (leaders or otherwise) use the phrase, “I don’t disagree.”

What people mean is, “I am not willing to admit you are correct. So I will instead say I am not opposed to what you are telling me.”

Yuck. Why is it so hard to tell people they are right? Does it make you, in turn, wrong to give someone else validation and a little time in the sun?

No! Not even a little bit. In fact, the move makes others feel valued.

And especially for leaders — yes, you are allowed to let other people look smart. You will gain someone’s trust and show you are comfortable giving the person the credit.

From now on, toss “I don’t disagree” into the dustbin of worn-out expressions.

“I agree with you.”

Let someone be right. It will be OK.

#rantover #stillpeeved