What to Wear to Summer Job Interviews: Photo Gallery

Real professionals in New York display the styles that will keep you cool and looking sharp on job interviews.

By Nina Myers and Karl Rozemeyer

Fashion writer Nina Myers and photographer Karl Rozemeyer took to the streets of New York to find real professionals with a sense of summer style.


The Perfect Suit
What makes this three-button, notch-lapel suit perfect for summer? It’s super lightweight, wool and it fits him beautifully. Bonus points for buttoning it properly (middle button is secured); half-an-inch of shirt cuff showing; and his brown leather belt is a subtly beautiful detail. Well done!


Networking Style Defined
This belted navy dress looks almost as structured as a suit. Her shoes, while pointy, have a very low heel, so they are nearly as comfortable as flats. Her chic, chain-link purse is small and easy to carry around a convention center, but large enough to hold business cards and a wallet. Her hair is pulled off her face so you can see her classic pearl earrings. She looks cool and confident. fashion_blue_dress

The Ultimate Day-to-Evening Look
This woman’s dress fits her perfectly, and the belt gives her a lovely shape. Her ruffled neckline is trendy but not overdone; it adds a point of interest, as do her sparkly chandelier earrings. Her sensible but glamorous gold metallic flats could easily transition from day to night, as could her black-and-white patterned bag, which is large enough to carry a pair of heels if she decides to change. Her makeup is minimal, and her hair is frizz-free and slightly pulled off her face so that her natural beauty shines through. look_for_every_occasion

A Look for Every Occasion
This outfit is appropriate for many different events because each element is perfectly tailored, elegant and full of texture. The cotton jacket has a tonal pinstripe, and his silk pocket square (while colorful) is not distracting but adds a touch of personal flair. He could be on his way to a job fair or drinks with colleagues. If he replaces his shoes with tennis sneakers and throws on a polo shirt, he could just as easily be headed to a baseball game.


Two Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Perfect Khakis, Perfect Dress Shoes
What makes them so perfect? The khakis would look just as good dressed down with tennis sneakers or sandals, and the shoes would look equally great with a navy suit or blue jeans. Bottom line: You get your money’s worth. Note the way the khakis break at the bottom? This is how every pair of trousers should fit.


Get Noticed
Never underestimate the power of a beautiful watch. This vintage Rolex is chunky enough and has a large enough face that it stands out, but thin enough that his jacket cuff slides easily over it. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a Rolex. Any watch with a stainless-steel or brown or black leather bracelet will do. If you’re wearing a suit, make sure it isn’t too sporty and fits the above requirements. how_to_look_cool

How to Look Cool
This man’s secret weapon is his two-button wool suit with a touch of linen. The linen keeps him extra cool but doesn’t wrinkle. His crisp white shirt pairs perfectly with his light-blue silk tie. Spectacles are another nice detail, but only if you need them. Grooming note: His face is clean-shaven, and his hair is short. He looks approachable, sharp and professional.


Details, Details, Details
This woman’s accessories are fantastic for so many different scenarios this summer. Closed-toe shoes would work better in an interview, but otherwise, these are all winners. She beats the heat by taking off her outer layer; but once she’s back in the office, she puts on her tailored jacket or cardigan and immediately looks ultra professional. And the length of her skirt is perfect – it’s neither too short nor too long. She could replace the shoes with a pair of leather sandals or flip-flops, the bag for a canvas tote, and pair her lightweight, colorful skirt with a cream-colored tank top or T-shirt and be barbecue- or baseball-ready.

Nina Myers is a New York-based fashion writer. She has worked at Esquire Magazine, where she was a men’s fashion market editor, and at Niche Media, where she was fashion editor for nine regional luxury magazines, including Boston Commons, Gotham, Hamptons and LA Confidential.