What if companies let employees pick their holiday gifts? Well … they can

For companies big and small, the process of finding and ordering the perfect holiday gifts for employees can be a real nightmare before Christmas.

On average, companies spend $80 per employee on holiday gifts. These tend to be basic, branded, everyday items such as bags and pens. The problem with these types of traditional corporate gifts is they don’t mean anything to employees on a personal level, and they do nothing to make them feel valued.

Most companies also often settle for gift cards because they’re easy to give but just as easy to forget. Cash and gift cards are practical and transactional, so they feel generic and cold rather than creative, thoughtful and appreciative.

Research has revealed that 66% of people say they would quit their jobs due to lack of appreciation, and with unemployment rates at a record low, right now there is an unprecedented need to show employees that their work is appreciated.

So how can companies make sure their holiday spend pays off this year? The only way is to choose gifts that really make employees feel appreciated.

Meet Snappy, the company founded by Hani Goldstein and Dvir Cohen to revolutionize corporate gifting. Snappy offers companies an effective and efficient solution for personalized gifting in a fun and special way. Snappy gives recipients the option to choose their gift from a collection of premium, joyful gift options.

Snappy’s system personalizes the gift options for each employee according to the employee’s profile – taking into account, amongst other data, the employee’s gender, age, and location. Snappy offers to automatically send the surprise at the time of celebration – Birthday, Work Anniversary, Appreciation Day, etc., or to have managers send on-the-spot rewards to deserving employees for a job well done. The gifts are curated and sourced by Snappy from leading brands and retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Birchbox, and Cloud9Living – creating a marketplace of best-selling items and memorable experiences.

Gifting options include everything from hot air balloon rides, cooking classes and global getaways to trending products like Amazon’s Echo Dot and drones. This year, Hani and Dvir expect voice assistants, tablets, fashionable smartwatches, and genetic testing kits to be among the most popular employee gifts.

In the current “employees’ market,” demand for recognition is growing, and it’s never been more critical for companies to retain talent. Any good manager knows it’s also important to recognize every individual employee as a uniquely valuable member of the company. Just as the same management style won’t work for each team member, it’s also necessary to personalize employee appreciation.