How to Handle Weather Disruptions in Your Job Search

Use these tips to ‘weather the storm’ when one literally blows through your job search.

650x366_01210812_hd25If you live in the mid-Atlantic region or are traveling to or from the area for a job interview, chances are good that the latest snowstorm is impacting your plans. Use the tips below to handle the inclement weather’s disruptions without missing a beat in your job search.

Make contact quickly.

Email your main point of contact the day before your interview to confirm the date and time. If you’re no longer able to travel to the office, let the person know as soon as possible. Be prepared to propose new dates and times for the interview. Avoid rescheduling for the very next day, as there may be residual travel issues due to the recent storm.

Prepare for alternative interview methods

In some cases, your prospective employer may want to conduct the interview over the phone or via web-conferencing software like Skype. Be prepared for the virtual interview by downloading and testing the appropriate software on your computer and identifying a place in your home that’s quiet and clutter-free. Click on the following link for more information on mastering the virtual interview.

Take advantage of the time

If the interview is cancelled, take advantage of this extra time to prepare. Practice your talking points and brainstorm questions to ask the interviewer. Do some additional research on the company’s culture by checking out their reviews on Glassdoor and reviewing their social media accounts. If you have a network connection within the organization that you didn’t get to connect with prior to the interview, find out if they are able to chat over the phone. They may be house-bound due to the storm as well, and have more time to speak with you for some last-minute interview tips.

At the end of the day, be prepared and use your best judgment. No job is worth risking your life.

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