Wearing this hard to pull off color will be the ultimate power move this fall

Move over Millennial pink. There are some new power colors in town and they are going to be all over your office soon. It does seem like a bit of an odd choice, but right now neon green specifically in the shade of “slime” is the new power color. They were all over the spring 2019 runways during New York Fashion Week including Kate Spade New York, Prada and Brandon Maxwell.

But neon seems a bit daunting to pull off in everyday life and especially in the office, but it really isn’t. You can always just do it as a pop of color with a scarf, shoes or a belt or a top or you can fully embrace it and wear it head to toe as Blake Lively recently did for a film premiere (and she did it in a suit no less.) 

Neon green, as are all neon shades of color, is a lot for some people but if you wear it it can project a type of confidence that other colors can’t compete with (even the oh so bold bright red.)

Fashion writer Lauren Adhav writes of neon slime green, “Wearing the shade — which can range from a super-bright green to a yellow-green or more of a deep chartreuse—signals a certain kind of confidence, and everything else looks kinda bland next to it, TBH. The vivid hue is just as loud as a bold print without seeming too busy, and it really takes the phrase “glow up” seriously.”

Adhav also points out that during the depressing doldrums of winter when we are constantly in the dark, a little color may not only brighten up your day, but your coworkers as well.