Wearing one of these on your next video call is a major power move

With so much of the workforce working remotely or, at least, communicating with some of their team via a screen, most of our colleagues are getting quite used to only seeing our heads, neck, and upper torsos. This means what clothing we wear on top is even more important because it is our only way to show off our style. Though top designers couldn’t have predicted that a global pandemic would force us all to be nothing but talking heads in the near future (though Anna Wintour does have scion-like capabilities), one of the trendiest looks right now will also give you all the power on your next video call.

Oversize collars are all the rage right now, according to Who What Wear. Seen on the F/W 20 runways of Celine, Chanel, Miu Miu, and Copenhagen-brand Ganni, the looks may remind you a bit of your grandmother or Victorian times but you can’t say they don’t make a statement.

This could be an evolution of the high-collars that were very chic in 2019 but it is the same idea. It is a way to set you apart from the others and show your power. As Vanity Fair writer Keziah Weir pointed out in a recent piece, Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore collars and ruffs around her uniform robes to show she was distinctly different than the others and that feminity should be synonymous with power not contrarian.

An over-exaggerated accessory makes sense in this new normal of screens focused on her upper halves.  Fashion historian Amber Butchart told The Guardian that this look is reminiscent of the costumes of 1930s film stars which accentuated a look that was seen best in a close up of the face.

And yes it is a little prim, but maybe that makes it even more intriguing. A large collar used to represent your social class and power level. The bigger the collar, the more formidable you were.

Of course, you can buy a blouse with a large collar from brands including or you can just get a removable one, like this one from SEA NY, you can add to multiple outfits (also known as a dickey.) Vogue senior fashion news writer wrote of these accessories, “It felt like a real solution to my late-winter wardrobe slump. You can layer it over the same boring sweater you’ve been wearing all season, and suddenly you have a brand-new outfit. It’s a genius way to get more mileage out of your wardrobe without going on an unnecessary shopping spree.”

We could also use a trick for getting out of our quarantine wardrobe slump so definitely consider the collar.