Verb: That’s What’s Happening!

Catch recruiters’ eyes with superhero action verbs that describe your career accomplishments.


Readers roughly my age will probably remember this installment in the “Schoolhouse Rock” series of musical animations about grammar rules.

In the “Verb” sequence, a superhero uses action words to describe amazing feats. By the same token, resume writers can harness the power of grammar to convey memorably a job seeker’s career accomplishments.

To score you an interview, the modern resume must be tuned to survive challenges from multiple sources. As we’ve described elsewhere, it needs to present the right keywords in the right context to satisfy basic screening requirements (often checked by software, not people). At the same time, it needs to catch human eyes already strained by dozens of other, competing resumes.

As professional resume writers told Lisa Vaas, verbs can make it happen on the human side of the equation.

Get your thing in action!