Unemployment Benefits Run Out in New York, Now What?

Being unemployed, especially around the holidays, is rough. But it could get even harder  in the Big Apple. Come the end of December federal unemployment assistance will run out for New York unless an emergency extension is issued.

Jobless 300x229The New York economy could lose as many as 40,500 jobs in 2011 without the extension, the White House Council of Economic Advisers reported yesterday.  This legislation could, in turn, create a job loss domino effect. Fewer jobs means less money put back into the economy, resulting in even fewer jobs, and so on and so forth. The start of what many call the ” vicious cycle of unemployment.”

Jobless claims are certainly not limited to New York. Across the country the economy continues to suffer. There are  steps to take that can help you avoid unemployment potholes  no matter where you are located.

For New Yorkers, State Labor Commissioner Colleen Gardner says, “The unemployed should still file claims with the Labor Department,” just to keep a continuous record.

On the job-seeking front career experts suggest making the most of your unemployment by taking on “contract or temporary work,” which will help you stay current in your field, and show employers that you have not been idle since your last permanent, full-time job, said Cheryl Palmer, president of executive-coaching firm Call to Career in Ladders article How I Spent My Unemployment.

All of the experts seem to agree that when it comes to unemployment, either benefits or joblessness, maintaining continuity is key.

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