Totally unsure about something? Do this now (like right now)

I’ve always had a weird interest in time … time machines … time capsules. You name it. I’ve been into it. There’s something about the idea of allowing our present selves to talk to our future selves. And to let our present selves hear from our past selves. It’s both hard to wrap our heads around and also wildly intoxicating at the thought of what that’d actually be like if every sci-fi movie were to become a reality.

Over the past few years, I’ve been tapping more and more into my future self, emotionally. She shows up in a bright cloak of wisdom and creativity. Sometimes her hair is white with bright streaks of color. Sometimes she’s in long kimonos just off an international flight. And she’s always un-f–kwithable. And encourages me to do the same. When I’m sad, or discouraged, or unsure, I’ll go talk to her in my thoughts and see what she would tell me to do. She always feels like a combination of my best friend, my best self, my mom, and every woman I’ve ever loved and respected.

But a few weeks ago I did a proper, guided visualization to go spend time with my future self and meeting myself 20 years in the future was wild. So wild. She had a lot to say, not as much in her words but in how she showed up and what her life looked like.

She communicated to me to keep creating. That all that matters is family. That curls are the way to go, keep rocking them. That love will be worth it. That the choices now have been hard but right … and to just believe. We drank rosé in front of beautiful Bay Area views and laughed loudly.

I’ve always known our future selves have so much wisdom to share with us, but I’d never realized just how specific, informative and calming it could be to see them in their current, future worlds. Because we are those people, right now. And the choices, decisions, and priorities we make now will be important to future nows, later. Your future self is a treasure chest of insight that can open up clarity for today.

So if you’re at a crossroads, if you’re doubting your choices, if you’re confused about what’s next…close your eyes or open a journal and ask her … that future self one year, five years, 20 years or beyond … ask for the help, the wisdom and the encouragement to take the step.

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